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The BIBLE from A to M

by Scott VonFange

The Bible from A to M

  1. Moses' helper's name was ______
  2. Cain killed ______
  3. Sarah's husband's name was ______
  4. The fifth book of the New Testament
  5. God made Eve with one of ______'s ribs.
  6. A biblical word for distant.
  7. ______ was a biblical town also known as Akkad.
  8. The thirtieth book of the Old Testament.
  9. The ______ian Desert is bordered by the Euphrates River.
  10. Foreign languages first came into being at a tower in ______.
  11. ______ was a biblical city near the city of Nippur.
  12. ______ was the Jewish prisoner who was released instead of Jesus.
  13. The apostle Paul's companion on his first journey was named ______.
  14. ______ is the name of the son of Tabrimon (1 Kings 15:18)
  15. ______ is the name of the town in which Jesus was born.
  16. Another name for Jesus: ______
  17. 1 Thessalonians 1:1: “______ of the Thessalonians in God…”
  18. Paul wrote his third letter in the Bible to ______
  19. II ______ 5:7: "For we walk by faith, not by sight."
  20. Isaiah 44:28: "…______, He is my shepherd."
  21. One of Jacob's sons was named ______.
  22. ______ was put into a lion's den.
  23. ______ killed a giant Philistine.
  24. The name of the woman who tempted Samson.
  25. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, ______.
  26. Demons are ______.
  27. Sadly destined: ______ed.
  28. Mark 14:14: "…______ the Passover with my disciples?"
  29. The longest name of an Old Testament book that begins with the letter "E".
  30. The book of the Bible which follows Nehemiah is ______.
  31. The mother of all living.
  32. To become evil is to ______ from grace.
  33. Adam was the ______ of Seth.
  34. The miracle Jesus performed, using 5 loaves, and 2 fishes.
  35. ______ship is another word for companionship.
  36. The title of a popular hymn: “What A ______ We Have In Jesus.”
  37. The book of the Bible just before Ephesians.
  38. One of the books of the Bible that Moses wrote.
  1. James 4:6: “But he ______ a great price.”
  2. In Acts 16:1, the Bible states that Timothy's father was ______.
  3. ______ is the book of the Bible just after Nahum.
  4. The third-to-last book of the Old Testament.
  5. Something seen above an angel's head in classic paintings.
  6. Noah's sons were named Shem, ______, and Japheth.
  7. Another word for cure.
  8. The title of a certain hymn: “When We All Get To ______.”
  9. If something ______s, it's painful.
  10. A false God is an ______.
  11. Incapable of dying.
  12. Another word for profit.
  13. Another word for sin.
  14. The 23rd book of the Bible.
  15. God's name: ______ Jireh.
  16. Judges 1:7 mentions this city.
  17. The father of King David.
  18. After John baptized this man, a dove landed on him.
  19. The people who live in the answer to 54.
  20. Matthew 25:21: "…enter into the ______ of your master…"
  21. Another word for righteous.
  22. Cain asked God: "Am I my brother's ______?"
  23. Manna was a ______ of bread.
  24. Solomon was a very wise ______.
  25. Heaven is God's ______.
  26. First ______ is the book of the bible that follows II Samuel.
  27. An animal that was often given as a burnt offering.
  28. A “sad” book of the bible.
  29. Revelation is the ______ book of the Bible.
  30. Genesis, Exodus, ______
  31. To bear false witness is to ______.
  32. Ezekiel 46:1: "Thus saith the ______ God…"
  33. John 15:13: "Greater ______ has no man…"
  34. The last book of the Old Testament.
  35. Matthew, ______, Luke, John…
  36. Matthew 27:56 mentions two people named ______.
  37. The first book of the New Testament.
  38. The seventh word of Genesis 6:1.
  39. The book of the Bible between Jonah and Nahum.
  40. Men are ______s.
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INSTRUCTIONS: After printing, try to discover the answer to each clue. (If you get stumped, we provide a hyperlinked version and answer key, links above). Write the answer to each clue, then find the words in the puzzle. Words may be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, or backwards. - Copyright, Films for Christ - All rights reserved

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