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Doc Kom's Surf Shop


Reviewed by: Ken James

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Christian Family
30 min.
Year of Release:
Box art for “Doc Kom’s Surf Shop”

Starring: Josh Gaffga, Korde Tuttle, Ivey Lawrence, Grayson Lewis, Madison Murphy, Quinton Ovebay | Produced and Directed by: Bobbie Garn | Written by: Kevin Flessing, Bobbie Garn, Kim Garn, David Spence | Distributor: World Wide Pictures

“Doc Kom’s Surf Shop: Communication” is World Wide Pictures’ 2001 Saturday-morning fare edutainment geared mainly for 5 to 10 year-olds. How often do you see a Christian production for kids that focuses on communication? This 30-minute program explores ways that we communicate: first the physical attributes our bodies have that allow us to communicate, animal communication, technology used to communicate, and ultimately the communication that God wants to do with his creation through His son, Jesus Christ—the ultimate communicator.

Josh Gaffga (Late One Night) hosts this show as a wacky but likable young scientist type. Featured throughout are lots of elementary aged kids teaching, learning, and occasionally acting silly. Video clips are well placed to help carry the pace of the video—a trip to the crocodile farm, learning about how dogs communicate, and more.

The set created for the main “staging area” is like an Internet cafe without the personality where “Doc Kom” (Gaffga) is in charge as he tries to maintain some kind of order and teach eager kids.

Overall, this program may be well suited for most, but it’s nothing to get overly excited about. It’s on the “average, but decent” scale and will most likely be enjoyed by the proper age recommendation of 5 to 10. Let’s see what’s next from WWP in this new series with some potential.

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