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God Loves Me!: A Celebration of Infancy

Reviewed by: Ken James

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: 1-36 months
Genre: Kids Christian
Length: 28 min.
Year of Release: 2002
USA Release:
God Loves Me! A Celebration of Infancy
Producer Illuminating Productions

“God Loves Me!” is a new series from Illuminating Productions geared specifically for those age 1-36 months. Pattered after the “Baby Einstein” genre, the producers behind “God Loves Me!” have a goal to merge classical music with simple truths in affirmation of God’s and family love The first in the series, “A Celebration of Infancy”, fills us in on why such a video series can be helpful to our children. “Babies’ brains develop at an amazing rate! Now is the time to enhance that development. Over the last ten years, it has been shown that classical music stimulates brain development in a unique way. Preschoolers, exposed to classical music, consistently score better on tests involving math, science and languages.”

Filled with plenty of cute images of multiethnic adorable babies, this series would be perfect for church nurseries or young families wanting something simple for their babies to enjoy. During a showing in our home, my one-year-old boy crawled up to the TV screen, stood up, and began trying to touch the babies on the screen while smiling and trying out his incomprehensible vocabulary.

This is a cute series that may be exactly what you’re looking for! See for more information on the research behind this teaching approach, “the Mozart effect,” and more.

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Positive—My 8-month-old sits on the floor and rocks, claps, and squeals with delight as she listens to a wonderful selection of classical music… Within the context of watching kids doing the familiar stuff of life, playing and helping out at home, your baby hears affirmations of her value and of God’s love. These are concepts I’m trying to teach my baby every day, and this video is an excellent, entertaining tool to do just that…
San Dimas, CA resident
Positive—…Right on par with the “Baby Einstien” series, but with some great “God Concepts” that are missing in other videos like it. My twins just love the music and the adorable baby faces. I love the “God Concepts” that are sprinkled throughout the video. I am able to begin to teach simple concepts to my kids, who are at an early age, with the help of this video…
Fort Collins, CO resident
Adorable! Full of love! Parents will watch this video with their babies again and again! Delightful!
Elayne Blythe, President, Film Advisory Board
A very clever blending of classical music and family values combine to create an excellent training tool for infants and toddlers.
Body A. Grove, Ph.D. Education