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Mount St. Helens

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Teens Adults
Christian Seminar
58 min.
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early 1990s
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Do real scientists believe in Creation?

Learn more about the Flood of Noah

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Featuring: Dr. Steven Austin | Produced and Distributed by: Institute for Creation Research

Did you know that the most amazing geologic event of the 20th century provides incredible evidence for the world-wide flood of Noah’s day?! This documentary includes footage of Mount St. Helen before, during, and after its 1980 eruption. Aerial movies and slides embellish Dr. Steven Austin’s lecture-style presentation to reveal the significance of this “small” volcanic blast, equal to 30,000 Hiroshima sized atom bombs.

Viewer Comments

Positive—It is indeed refreshing to get a true scientific perspective confirming what we already believe: the truth of the Bible. The evidence is much too clear, and the more of it out there, the more are going to have to face it.
My Ratings: [Excellent! / 5]
Kavik, age 48