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MPAA Rating: PG-Rating (MPAA) for thematic material, some rough bullying and peril, language and brief juvenile humor.
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Kids Family
Family Kids
Year of Release:
USA Release:
October 21, 2011 (limited)
DVD release: November 29, 2011
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setting a Guinness World Records® title

snow in the Bible


Water: The Miracle of Nature

WEATHER—What are some weather extremes on Earth? Answer


schoolyard bullies

BULLIES—When someone picks on my child, should I tell him to fight back or turn the other cheek? Answer

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Featuring: Bobby Coleman … Billy Kirkfield
Josh Flitter … Jason Bound
Ray Liotta … Reggie Kirkfield
Christopher Lloyd … The Caretaker
Talon G. Ackerman … Cool Kid
Johnny Ahn … Mayor’s Driver
Carolina Andrus … Sherry
Mason Bromberg … Actor (voice)
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Director: Robert Kirbyson
Producer: Mpower Pictures
Todd Burns … co-producer
Stephen A. Marinaccio II … line producer
Stephen McEveety … producer
Bill O’Kane … executive producer
David Segel … producer
John Shepherd … producer
Distributor: Mpower Pictures

“Every one counts”

Copyrighted, Mpower Pictures

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “SNOWMEN is a humorous and heartfelt coming-of-age story about three unlikely heroes and the winter that changed their lives forever. After a surprising discovery in the snow catapults three small-town boys into the spotlight, the best friends hatch a plan to be remembered forever by setting a Guinness World Records® title. Along the way, the trio battles schoolyard bullies, unites their community and discovers that—while fame may be fleeting—true friendship lasts forever. The film stars Bobby Coleman (‘Last Song’), Ray Liotta (‘Wild Hogs’), Bobb'e J. Thompson (‘Role Models’), Josh Flitter (‘Ace Ventura Jr.’) and Christopher Lloyd (‘Back to the Future’).

Convinced that he only has weeks to live, 10-year-old Billy Kirkfield enlists his misfit friends in a scheme to ensure that he will be remembered in the record books forever. Together Billy and his friends pursue immortalizing fame in a series of schemes and stunts that eventually threaten their very lives. Along his journey of self-discovery the boys conquer neighborhood bullies, unite a community, and discover that the only lasting legacy is friendship.”

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Positive—A very believable script performed by a remarkable cast. A heartwarming story that will be enjoyed by preteens and adults alike. “Snowmen” sends a clear message to live a purposeful life, a life that encourages others to make a difference.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Excellent! / Moviemaking quality: 5
Mike L., age 57 (USA)
Negative—We were really disappointed. The trailer looked so cute, and we even bought this is at our local Christian family store. We normally check the movies here, before we would purchase, but the trailer looked so cute, and it seemed clean. Wrong! There are a lot of bully type scenes. We don’t mind that so much, because it can create great conversation with our children, BUT these scenes seemed dark and even violent, at times. There is a scene that actually shows a dead body being retrieved from the snow.

Also, language was offensive to us. We had to fast forward through many scenes, due to intense fist fights and mean behavior between children. We won’t watch again, and our copy goes in the trash. So sad… this could have been really cute.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3
Jenny, age 40 (USA)

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