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MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for sex related dialogue and some teen use of alcohol and drugs.

Reviewed by: Lisa Vitello

Extremely Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Teens Adults
97 min.
Year of Release:

“Clueless” is not meant to be more than a tongue in cheek caracature of the teenage angst that infects our culture. While the film makers succeed in presenting this fashion addicted, sexually savvy, party-hard group of girls in a comical light, the film also succeeds in glorifying all of the above behavior. Especially vulnerable are the pre-teen girls who will be less than favorably influenced by the attitudes and actions of the heroine of “Clueless” named Cher.

The plot revolves around Cher’s trials and tribulations as she negotiates her relationships with her father, her friends and her step-brother. She is sweet and shallow, rewarded for talking her way into better grades without really working for them. She sees herself as a matchmaker, but laments that there is no one for her since she refuses to involve herself with high school boys. At one point, she thinks she has found the boy of her dreams, only to find out he is homosexual.

The film culminates with her realization that she is in love with her college-aged step-brother and they become a couple. Obviously, there is nothing in this movie which could be considered redeeming. The film making is clever and the dialogue is very witty, but every form of evil is presented with a pretty face to the audience.

Most every Christian will be offended by this movie. There is a huge amount of sexual innuendo. Drug use is presented as fun and acceptable and virginity is disparaged. There is also a fair amount of profanity throughout. Unless you are ready to go to your prayer closet and ask God for forgiveness for allowing this garbage into your head, avoid “Clueless” at all costs. Do NOT under any circumstances allow your kids to see it.