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The Donut Man Episode 6: The Donut All Stars

Reviewed by: Dale and Karen Mason

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Ages 2-7
Genre: Live-action with singing
Length: 27 min.
Year of Release: 1995
USA Release:

Young children love this series because it combines the fun and compassionate Rob Evans (the “Donut Man”) with: a simple plot, fun-to-sing songs, puppets with wit, and a small group of children who confront some of the same struggles that the viewing audience also faces. In this episode, the Donut Man and his young followers (the “Donut Repair Club”) find themselves in need of a good deal of practice to prepare for their upcoming softball game against last year’s champions, the Warriors.

All the while sporting his trademark bib-overalls, the Donut Man leads the boys and girls from discouraged disorganization to a new positive attitude that, when combined with plenty of practice, equips them for the important game to come. While the sing-along songs and funny puppets are more responsible than the simple storyline for holding viewers' attention, the video does include a sub-plot about the fear of rejection and low self-confidence of a young boy whose parents have recently divorced. Bottom line message—encourage one-another and have a good mental attitude, because these things are almost equal in importance to practice.

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