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Reviewed by: Trail Reeves

Better than Average
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Teens Adults
Historical Epic
254 min.
Year of Release:

“Gettysburg” was an unexpected joy to watch. This epic movie (254 mins.) is nothing short of spectacular. I found myself thinking about the characters in this movie two or three days later.

“Gettysburg” is based on the actual events of July 1-3, 1863, beginning with the initial skirmish and ending with Pickett’s Charge. It was filmed on location at the Gettysburg Battlefield. The movie shows the perspectives of both the Confederate and Union armies. While there is the violence one would expect with a movie about the Civil War, the characters are deep enough to overshadow the actual battle. The battle is the setting, not the plot. The men’s political and often their religious views take center stage. General Lee is portrayed as a deeply religious man, and nearly every viewer of this film will be captivated in awe by the sheer greatness of men like Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

This movie may be too intense for the youngest viewers, but I highly recommend it for junior high through adult. If you want to show your kids what war was really like, without glorifying violence, this is a must see!

Viewer Comments
One of the comments mentioned profanity in “Gettysburg”. What profanity? I think that this was probably the greatest modern day movie ever. Of course, you can’t make a war movie w/o violence—unless it’s a real talker. But there was no gore. Kind of like the old westerns where someone gets shot and falls over. However, that may be a historical innaccuracy—if you’ve ever seen those old B&W photos of those battle fields, they are very gruesome…
For an all out comprehensive portrayal and history of this famous battle on a grand scale, I agree with the reviewer on the epic stature of Gettysburg. This is a war movie, and is not always easy to watch. I think Gettysburg shows war for what it is from both the bigger picture and from the personal level. Large battle scenes are impressively done. Contrasting this, individual characters are developed and revealed effectively in intimate conflicts. Gettysburg is dedicated to Gettysburg and does not stray from the battle for even a moment. So don’t expect any side themes or romance inclusions. For me, Gettysburg is a fine historical take on a crucial civil war battle that goes beyond documentary by at least bringing a few characters to life.
Todd Adams, age 31
“Gettysburg” is a very powerful movie. This movie, which is based on Michael Shara’s book “The Killer Angels” very closely portrays the actual happenings of the great battle of Gettysburg and the preceding few days. The musical score is worth purchasing for home use, and will still evoke many emotions just listening to the music as you remember what happened during the Civil War and at Gettysburg. “Gettysburg” is a great Christian alternative to the recent movie “Saving Private Ryan.” While there was much death portrayed in Gettysburg, there is not as much gore. Also, the profanity in “Gettysburg” is little, making it a much more suitable alternative for children and adults alike. And while you very well may weep each time you sit down and watch “Gettysburg”, you will surely walk away glad you watched it, instead of disappointed or dirty. Kudos to “Gettysburg.
Ryan Kelly