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Journeys to the Edge of Creation: Our Solar System: The Milky Way and Beyond

Reviewed by: Jarl K. Waggoner

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: All Ages
Genre: Documentary
Length: 80 min. total
Year of Release: 1996
USA Release:

These two films from Moody Institute of Science demonstrate two things—that the heavens do indeed declare the glory of God, as the psalmist wrote, and that Christians can make science films from a biblical perspective that, in terms of both content and quality, have no equal.

Utilizing actual photography from the Mariner, Magellan, and Voyager probes, along with first-rate computer animation, “Our Solar System” takes the viewer on a fascinating journey from the sun to the outer planets. The 79,000-foot volcano on Mars, Jupiter’s perpetual hurricane, and the raging winds of Neptune are among the highlights of the journey. The great diversity and design of God are clearly seen in the planets, but the uniqueness of the Earth in its ability to sustain life is properly emphasized.

“The Milky Way and Beyond,” the second volume in this boxed video set, continues the journey beyond the Solar System, making use of stunning photography from the Hubbell orbiting space telescope. The excellent narration highlights recent discoveries that shed new light on pulsars, black holes, quasars, and the innumerable galaxies that lie beyond the Milky Way. The vast distances of space are put into perspective with various, helpful illustrations.

These videos do not focus on the nature or method of creation as such but on the Creator’s power, majesty, and creativity as seen in the heavenly creation, which in many ways is just now coming into focus. As with all Moody Science films, there is a proper perspective on God without being preachy or overtly evangelistic. These videos are a wonderful resource for churches and homeschoolers and may even be selectively shared with non-Christians.

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