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The Little Rascals

Reviewed by: Kevin Spears

Better than Average
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Children to adults
Comedy-Family Favorites
83 min.
Year of Release:

This movie is a takeoff of the much loved original “Little Rascals” series of the 1930's. Overall, the movie is fast paced, has multiple plots, lots of jokes, and is very enjoyable.

The story revolves around a big go-cart race, held annually at the state fair. Every year the “He-man Woman Haters Club” (the Little Rascals' boys-only club) wins it. But this year, Alfalfa is in love with Darla and, according to club rules, that is not allowed. In an effort to rescue Alfalfa and maintain the purity of their club, Spanky and the gang mess up a “romantic” picnic that Darla and Alfalfa are having in the gang’s club house. Unfortunately, their date-wrecking idea causes the clubhouse to be accidentally burnt down. Alfalfa is blamed and he has to guard the gang’s special racing go-cart as his penalty.

Finally, the big day of the race arrives. It is Alfalfa’s job to bring the cart down to the fair, but he stops to watch Darla sing at the talent show with the new guy in town. While he is jealously watching Darla, Butch and Worm, the Little Rascals' arch-enemy bullies, steal the go-cart and repaint it for their own use in the race. The Rascals are forced to quickly build a new cart and, following the original Rascals example, they create one out of anything that they can find.

The race is very intense, focusing on the main characters as they struggle to win. In the end, however, Alfalfa wins by a hair, …his great cowlick!

In a politically-correct happy ending The “He-man Woman Haters” Clubhouse is rebuilt using the money won from the race, and girls are invited to become members!

One of the great positives in the movie is what happens after Alfalfa finds out that Spanky messed up his picnic and lets his anger get the best of him. The movie devotes a whole scene for them to apologize to each other.

There are only two things I think they could have done without is; Alfalfa kissing Darla on their date, and the three profanities that were used. Otherwise, a very well done movie.