In the Bible, what is…

Various oils were available, to one degree or another, in ancient times: olive oil, fish oil, tallow and various other animal fat derived oils, sesame oil, nut oils, radish seed oil, colocynth seed oil, cottonseed oil, balsam oil, rose oil, and petroleum.

Only olive oil seems to have been used among the Hebrews. It was used for many purposes: for…

It was very abundant in Galilee.

Oil was one of the most valuable products of Israel (Deuteronomy 32:13; Ezek. 16:13), and formed an article of extensive commerce with Tyre (27:17).

The use of oil was a sign of gladness (Psalm 92:10; Isaiah 61:3), and its omission is a token of sorrow (2 Samuel 14:2; Matthew 6:17).

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Article Version: September 27, 2017