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Part III: Jesus Christ to Eternity


Part I
  1. God’s Creation
  2. The Fall of Humankind
  3. The Broken Family of Cain and Abel
  4. Noah and the Great Flood
  5. The Tower of Babel
  6. The Birth of a Nation, Abraham to Joseph
Part II
  1. The Exodus
  2. The Ten Commandments
  3. The Prophets Describe the Coming Savior
Part III
  1. The Ministry of Jesus Christ
  2. The Betrayal and Crucifixion
  3. The Resurrection to Eternity
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Jesus's Birth. Copyrighted.

The Ministry of Jesus Christ

After 70 years of captivity, the Lord allowed His people to come back to the land of Israel. Only a small group chose to return, but they, as well as Jews elsewhere, still lived under the rule of other nations…

Baby Jesus. Copyrighted.

500 years later, when Rome ruled Israel, two young Jews named Joseph and Mary, both descendants of the royal line of David, planned to marry. But before they came together, Mary became pregnant through the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

Then an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, “Joseph, Don’t worry about taking Mary as your wife: for the child in her was conceived by the Holy Spirit. The child is the Son of God. And when she gives birth to this son, you must name Him ‘Jesus’, which means Savior, for He will save His people from their sins.”

This happened as the prophet Isaiah had foretold, “The Lord Himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin will bare a son, and they will call Him Emmanuel, which means God with us.”

Mary and Joseph. Copyrighted.
In a city called Bethlehem, Jesus was born in a stable.

Joseph and Mary had to travel to the city of Bethlehem for a census and to pay taxes. And while there, Mary gave birth to her firstborn son whom they named Jesus. So, as prophesied, Jesus was born in Bethlehem to a descendant of King David.

Good Shepherd. Copyrighted.

And in the same country, there were shepherds watching over their flocks at night. And the angel of the Lord came to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were very frightened. Then the angel said, “Don’t be afraid: for I bring good news of great joy, for all people. Today a Savior was born for you which is Christ the Lord.”

Jesus learning. Copyrighted.
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Is Jesus Christ a man, or is he God? Answer

And the child grew, becoming strong in spirit; and the grace of God was on Him. Jesus matured, increasing in wisdom and in favor with God and man.

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