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Startling Proofs: Does God Really Exist?

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Teens Adults
Genre: Christian Documentary
Length: 1 hr.
Year of Release: 1995
USA Release:
Startling Proofs
Featuring Peter and Paul Lalonde, Grant Jeffrey, Dave Breese, Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler
Producer This Week in Bible Prophecy
Distributor This Week in Bible Prophecy

We all know people who will slip into eternity WITHOUT Christ… with the objection: “I’m just not sure that God really exists”? Now you can effectively challenge them and finally lay doubts to rest! This beautiful NEW video presents convincing new discoveries in science, archaeology, and more. Full of reasons to believe, this video is wonderful both for strengthening the faith of Christians and winning non-believers.

It is the demand of every skeptic. Prove to me that God exists. Of course, making a decision to accept the Gospel of Christ is a matter of faith. But, as this video shows, the evidence of a superior being is a matter of fact.

New discoveries in science, creation, archaeology and the sudden and rapid fulfillment of Bible prophecy are all convincing even the most determined skeptics to take a second look.

You Be the Judge!

In this fast-moving docu-drama you’ll see the startling new evidences that prove God exists! Then do one simple thing. Judge the evidence for yourself. Featuring scientists and leading Bible scholars like Peter and Paul Lalonde, Grant Jeffrey, Dave Breese, Dave Hunt and Chuck Missler, this is one video that you can share with your unsaved friends and loved ones.

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The pages of 301 Startling Proofs and Prophecies review overwhelming evidence that logically proves the existence of God. This fascinating information will equip you to witness effectively to your friends that your belief in God is based as much on logic as faith.
Grant R. Jeffrey
301 Startling Proofs and Prophecies is spiritual dynamite. The Word of God commands believers to “prove all things,” I Thessalonians 5:21. I predict that this work… documenting every statement on multiplied subjects will startle and stun the scientific and Christian communities.
Dr. Jack Van Impe