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Noah's Ark

Made for TV movie
Very Offensive
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Teens Adults
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This made-for-TV-movie starring Jon Voight, Mary Steenburgen, F. Murray Abraham, and James Coburn is a groan-a-minute when it comes to biblical accuracy. We don’t recommend it.

If you want to learn more about the true events surround Noah’s Ark and the Flood, see…

If you want to learn the truth about Noah’s Ark and the Flood, see “The World that Perished” which provides scientific answers to all those puzzling questions about that great catastrophe. Where did all that water come from? Where did it all go? How could the Ark hold all those animals? How could Noah’s family care for them? How did the Flood change our planet? and much more.

Viewer Comments
This movie was the WORST movie I have ever seen! I’m not talking about the quality of the movie, the special effects, or the acting, I’m talking about the contents of the movie! This movie was a total joke aimed at the Bible. If you are considering watching this movie, I would strongly suggest watching another movie. This movie is totally un-Biblical and stupid! It makes God look like an idiot who needs help on making desicions. This movie was very offensive and I would not recommend it to anyone. If you want to know what happened in the days of Noah, read the Bible. Unlike this movie says, the Bible is the absolute word of God and it has NO MISTAKES! It is true from beginning to end. This movie is a total mockery for the Bible and for our God! If you are wanting to learn the truth about Noah’s ark then DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!
Tito Aybar, age 17
Noah’s Ark is one of the worst movies I have ever seen! I was looking forward to watching it before it came on and when it did, it made me sick! How someone could take a story out of the Bible and make a movie like that I don’t know. Hardly anything in it was according to the Bible. They turned the story of Noah’s Ark into a comedy!!! And the way they portrayed God was disgusting! They acted like He was a comedian. They had God telling Noah that he was considering destroying Noah and his whole family to make a clean start but He said that he hadn’t made up his mind yet. And that’s STUPID! God knows what He is going to do! And they also mixed up the story of Sodom and Gomorrah with Noah’s Ark. And had Lot portrayed as an evil person! I would not recommend Noah’s Ark to anyone! If you want to know the real story of Noah’s Ark you will have to read the BIBLE.
Charity Ford, age 17
This the worst film ever made about one of the Bible stories. It is completely inaccurate bibilically, ex. Lot and Noah are together! The acting is horrendous, I thought Jon Voight looked and acted like he was either high or drunk. It did not portray Noah’s initimate relationship with God as one of deep spiritual meaning but as a joke! I highly recommend NOT seeing this movie and instead renting other classic movies about biblical stories such as Joseph.
“Noah’s Ark” is a fairly good movie, but extremely inaccurate Biblically. The acting was good and the special effects (especially the Flood) were awesome. However, this goodness is tempered by Scriptural inaccuracies. 1) Lot came hundreds of years after the Flood. Also, he was a righteous man, one of the four who got out of Sodom alive. Even if he lived during the time, it’s unlikely that he would try to hijack the Ark. 2) Nobody survived except for Noah and his family. If the peddler in the movie was such a nice person, he would have gotten on the Ark too, and wouldn’t have to construct his own boat. 3) A rudder isn’t mentioned concerning the construction of the Ark and even if it wasn't, that doesn’t mean building one would be a sin. Therefore, that feud between Noah and his son portrayed in the movie wouldn’t have happened. 4) God never said ANYTHING about the people on the Ark not being allowed to have sex. That is total invention on the part of the writers. The Verdict: The movie is good, but don’t think of it as the Biblical account (it’s not). Read the Biblical story if you want the real info, watch the movie for entertainment.
Matt Quinn, age 15
…“Executive producer Robert Halmi’s farce showed not only disrespect for biblical history but also utter disrespect for God, who tells Noah about his decision-making process on sending the Flood: “It was a difficult decision… I wanted a second opinion, but who could I ask?” Mr. Halmi said Genesis “is almost fiction,” and “You can take a bit of freedom with the Old Testament, especially Genesis… Who knows how it really happened?”…
WORLD Magazine
…This so-called biblical yarn was so corrupt that the final hour had Noah struggling with a serious nervous breakdown, the kind that drives people to believe something is under the bed, such as monsters. The story was so dishonest and childish that one wonders if a gang of impish adolescents wrote the script and directed the production…
Clark Morphew, St. Paul Pioneer Press
…Among the Lord’s aphorisms [in “Noah’s Ark”]: • ‘I think big. I made the world in six days.’ • ‘I would have liked a second opinion but who could I ask?’ • ‘I’m one, eternal, perfect—but I can be wrong.’ • ‘It’s always all or nothing with me, Noah.’ • ‘Need a sign, Noah?’ • ‘Is that sign enough for you, Noah?’ • ‘Life isn’t always fair.’

Try as I might, I can’t seem to find those quotes in my King James Bible. …The show actually says the Bible is a lie. Literally. After the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah and his wife are sitting on a mountainside. She says: ‘Scribbling scribes have a bad reputation… By the time they finish the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, they'll probably say we weren’t even there.’
Chris Hicks, Deseret News
Did not accurately follow the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark. Example Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed before the flood in the movie. In the Bible this event occurs later. Interesting parts in the second half of the movie when Noah gets cabin fever and questions his faith in God. Not a bad watch but don’t get your theology from this movie.
Elizabeth M. Ruenitz, age 46