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Reviewed by: Linda A. Krueger

Better than Average
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
13 to Adult
Romantic Comedy
100 min.
Year of Release:

“IQ” is a light romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan, Tim Robbins and Walter Matthau.

Tim Robbins plays a good-natured, fun-loving auto mechanic named Edward, who falls in love at-first-sight with Catherine (Ryan), a mathematician and Albert Einstein’s (Matthau) niece. Catherine has lived with her Uncle Albert since the death of her father. When Edward meets Professor Einstein and reveals his feelings toward Catherine, Einstein informs Edward that Catherine is already engaged to me married. Fortunately for Edward, Catherine’s fiance (Stephen Fry) is not popular with Einstein or Einstein’s three colleagues, who all love Catherine as if she were their own daughter. Lovesick Edward is easily persuaded to join the four well-meaning professors in a scheme to prove to Catherine that she would be happier with Edward.

Trying to elevate Edward’s stature from mere auto mechanic to natural physics genius, the five embark on a plan that quickly gets out of hand. They announce to Catherine that Edward has unlocked the mysteries of cold fusion. Catherine is elated with the discovery and forces a commitment from Edward to announce his discovery at a symposium several days later. She also becomes quite intrigued with Edward.

From that moment, Einstein and his chums work overtime to teach Edward enough of Einstein’s previously published, but unproven, theory on cold fusion to keep their scheme, and Catherine’s interest alive. But Catherine’s fiance smells a rat, doing everything in his power to expose Edward for what he is—a simple auto mechanic.

Quick thinking on Einstein’s part keeps the charade alive long enough for Catherine to recognize her true feelings, and for Edward and his mentors to keep out of hot water.

“IQ” is a fun movie with no nudity, violence or profanity. There are a few suggestive lines in the movie, but they are fairly mild.