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Hebrew: יַחְלְאֵל

also known as: Yachleel

Meaning: wait for God

This is the name of the 3rd of Zebulun’s 3 named sons. He is mentioned only in Genesis 46:14 and Numbers 26:26. His descendants are called Jahleelites (26:14).

He accompanied his grandfather Jacob (Israel), with 68 others to go down to Egypt to meet Joseph and live in the land of Goshen, far from the famine in Canaan (Genesis 46:14, 26).

Little is known of Jahleel’s personal history. He had 2 brothers (see relatives, below) (46:14).

As a son of Zebulun, he was of the Tribe of Zebulun, a Zebulonite.


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Article Version: September 28, 2017