1. Hebrew: da'ah (Leviticus 11:14)

    In the parallel passage (Deuteronomy 14:13) the Hebrew word used is ra'ah, rendered “glede;” Septuagint: “gups;” Vulgate: “milvus.”

    A species of ravenous bird, distinguished for its rapid flight.

    “When used without the epithet ‘red,’ the name is commonly confined to the black kite.

    The habits of the bird bear out the allusion in Isaiah 34:15, for it is, excepting during the winter three months, so numerous everywhere in Israel as to be almost gregarious.” (See EAGLE.)

  2. In Job 28:7 the Hebrew 'ayyah is thus rendered. The word denotes a clamorous and a keen-sighted bird of prey. In Leviticus 11:14 and Deuteronomy 14:13 it is rendered “kite”.

In pagan ancient Egypt, Nekhbet was the vulture goddess.