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About Catholicism

Testimonies of ex-Catholics




Streaming video— 
“A Closer Look at Catholicism”
For evangelical Christians who want to understand and share with Roman Catholics
by Proclaiming the Gospel
Length: 3 minutes
Streaming video— 
“Do Catholics Possess Eternal Life?”
With sensitivity former Dominican priest Richard Bennett and evangelical Pastor William J. Mencarow answer this question
Video by Berean Beacon
Length: 40 minutes

ETERNAL LIFE—What does the Bible say about it? Answer


What issues often separate Roman Catholics from God? Answer

Are all Catholics going to Heaven? Examine crucial problem areas in light of the Bible.

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Includes the following pages…

Roman Catholic Church

Sola Scriptura

Includes the following topics…

  • Is sola Scriptura a biblical or a man-made concept? (Traditions vs. Scripture alone) Answer
  • Is the Bible truly the final authority in all matters of faith and morals? Answer
  • What did the Early Church believe about sola Scriptura? Answer

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Personal testimonies of former devout Roman Catholics

This article is also available in: Hungarian, Indonesian

An open letter to Roman Catholics

This article is also available in: Portuguese

QUIZ—Catholicism and Protestantism.
Do you think like a Protestant or a Catholic?

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What is the significance of the Pope's partial support of evolution? Answer
A summary of the Pope's 1996 statement with perspectives from respected Christian leaders.

This article is also available in: Japanese