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Berean Beacon
Good News for Catholics

Catholicism: Crisis of Faith, Lumen Productions
Truth in Christ, Richard Bennett and Jon Henderson
Messages from Heaven


  • Rome Collectible, Ray Comfort
  • Osterhus Publishing Co., Minneapolis, MN (763) 537-9311 (9-5 CST) offers some tracts by Richard Bennett


from Ex-Catholics

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What issues often separate Roman Catholics from God?
Are all Catholics going to Heaven? Examine crucial problem areas in light of the Bible.

This article is also available in: Korean, Portuguese, Spanish

Includes the following pages…
Roman Catholic Church

Sola Scriptura
Includes the following topics…

Personal testimonies of former devout Roman Catholics

This article is also available in: Hungarian, Indonesian

An open letter to Roman Catholics

This article is also available in: Portuguese

QUIZ—Catholicism and Protestantism.
Do you think like a Protestant or a Catholic?

This article is also available in: Spanish

What is the significance of the Pope's partial support of evolution?
A summary of the Pope's 1996 statement with perspectives from respected Christian leaders.

This article is also available in: Japanese

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