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People of the Rainforest. Photo from the Amazon region of Brazil. Copyrighted.
The People—who we are

The People

Who we are where we live.
What kind of pets do we have?


See what kinds of pets and animals we have.
Work—what we do


The work we do to help out our village.
Housing—what we live in


What our houses look like.
Playtime—what we do for fun


Come play with us in the jungle.
Food—what we eat


Find out what we eat here in the jungle.
What are there foreigners living with us?

Faraway friends

Find out about missionaries and their kids.
Transportation—how we get around


There’s no streets, but we still get around. Here’s how.
Parables for kids


1. Owners and Chiefs
2. Fish
Jungle stories that teach about God.
Clothing—what we wear


What do we wear?
Sound clips from the rainforest


Listen to audio clips: animals, music, nature, and more…
Video clips from the rainforest

Video Clips

Over ten cool video clips from the rainforest!
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