Six Days, Seven Nights

Reviewed by: Brad Kibler

Moral Rating: Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Teens Adults
Genre: Romantic Drama
Length: 101 min.
Year of Release: 1998
USA Release:
Featuring Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, Temuera Morrison, Jacqueline Obradors, David Schwimmer, Danny Trejo
Director Ivan Reitman
Distributor Caravan Pictures

“Six Days, Seven Nights” is billed as a “romantic adventure.” Harrison Ford has starred in some very popular “adventure” films: the “Star Wars” trilogy, the “Indiana Jones” trilogy, “The Fugitive”, “Air Force One,” the Tom Clancy films, and the list goes on. This film does not have the tension level that fans have come to expect from Harrison’s adventures, nor does it have the romanticism of “Regarding Henry” or “Sabrina.”

Mr. Ford plays Quinn Harris, a small-time Caribbean pilot who transports Robin Monroe and Frank Martin (played by Anne Heche and David Schwimmer) to a tropical island paradise. Shortly after Frank proposes to Robin, she is called back to the main island for business. En route the plane hits some severe weather and is forced to crash land on a deserted island.

The main plot focuses on the romantic interest between Quinn and Robin as they try to get back to civilization. If we assume the characters are the age of the actors, that would make Quinn 27 years older than 28 year old Robin, which I find a bit disconcerting.

While no actual nudity occurs, there is a scene in which Quinn reaches down the shorts of Robin, and Robin frequently only has a tight shirt covering her chest. There is further provocative content when Frank is tempted by Quinn’s initial female-interest, Angelica. In addition to the questionable sexual content, this film has violent content which is unsuitable for children. There is also some profanity as well as some gestures which are offensive.

The film had its comic moments, but I expected more excitement. This film was neither a great adventure nor a great romance. I am a HUGE fan of Harrison Ford, so that may be part of the reason for my disappointment, but the plot just didn’t seem to be cohesive or realistic regardless of the actors' efforts.

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I agree that the movie, “Six Days, Seven Nights” was not up to Harrison Ford’s usual standards, but the movie was, in general, a fairly cute, entertaining movie. All four of the main characters did a great job and the scenery was fantastic! I did have a slight problem with the big age difference between Harrison Ford’s character and Ann Heche’s character and, for other reasons, had a difficult time accepting any kind of “romantic” relationship between those two particular actors.
MSykes, age 50
“4 adults acting like hormone-raging teenagers”
My wife and I went to see Six Days, Seven Nights on our anniversary. To explain our reaction simply—we walked out half way through the movie. The 4 main characters were all unlikeable. This was a “B”rate movie. Basically, 4 adults acting like hormone-raging teenagers with a poor script. I’m a Harrison Ford fan and this was very disappointing. Later I found out the female lead was Helen Degenerates lover. If I knew that in advance I wouldn’t have gone.
Doug Mason, age 37
I went to sleep
I love Harrison Ford, but this movie I could do without. I got so bored as the movie went on and on and on that I finally went to sleep—literally!
Pollyanna Miller, age 61
the characters were ingenious but morally weak
The Movie is entertaining but has no great purpose. The main characters turn out to be ingenious on the one hand and morally weak on the other. If this were a wine, you would notice its promising beginning, lack of full-bodied flavour and weak finish. While the movie did have its humerous moments it falls short of typical Harrison Ford fare, being more of a “Fairlane” than a “Mustang”.
Randy Hall, age 44
…BE WARNED!! I have just seen [Six Days, Seven Nights], and it does NOT Match with the reviews I have read about it. They alter the plot between what has been released and what the reviewers apparantly saw.
Dave Kinder, age 30