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Star Trek: Generations

Reviewed by: Ryan Kelly

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
12 to Adult
117 min.

It’s back to the stars for all you “Star Trek” fans! “Star Trek: Generations” is the 7th film in the “Star Trek” movie saga created by Gene Roddenberry. “Generations” brings Captain James T. Kirk (Original Series) and Captain Jean-Luc Picard (“The Next Generation”) together with a common mission; to stop a mad scientist named Soran from destroying a planet with millions of lives on it.

Soran’s objective is to find eternal life, ultimate peace, and joy. Unfortunately, he is not looking for it in the right place, for Jesus is the only one who can give eternal life and lasting peace. Soran will stop at nothing to get to a space traveling “energy ribbon” called the Nexus, and lost human lives are no deterrant.

The plot is faulty and has many holes, but other aspects help to cover for it. The special effects are good, the musical score is nice, and there are some really intriguing sections (i.e., a scene with Geordi and the Klingons). An interesting side-plot is Data’s more human-like personality. He created and placed an “emotion chip” into his body which allows him to experience humor, loyalty, even an appreciation for good food! He also has to cope with fear and anger. This is cute for a little while, but was overplayed and ends up serving as not much more than an avenue for extra profanity.

There is no sex in this film, and the violence portrayed is no more than you would find in any other science fiction movie. However, there are humanistic and mystic overtones which have become all-too-common in the Star Trek plots.

The reason that I chose to rate the “moviemaking quality” at only 2½ is because 3 stands for “normal of its genre.” I thought this movie could have been much better, especially in terms of script and plot.

“Star Trek” fans will probably enjoy seeing Captain Kirk again, but this production does not get a “live long and prosper” from me.

Year of Release—1994

Viewer Comments
A very good movie in the Star Trek tradition. Some good light-hearted humour, good character development and interaction (usually a Star Trek strength), and an interesting enough plot. A unique film for Star Trek: the old and the new together. Some signs that the new characters might even develop the free flowing entertaining rythm of the old. Data was a blast. Also, a good discussion about mortality. Not a brilliant film, but not offensive either, and definitely recommended.
Todd Adams, age 30
This film, in spite of the humanistic philosophy underlying all Star Trek, had some noble and uplifting themes any Christian should applaud. For instance, Picard learns an important lesson that all Christians should remember. “What’s important is not what we leave behind, but how we’ve lived.” Picard learns that it is more important to live a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life than to focus on what we have or do not have. Kirk teaches us that making a positive impact on this world is more important than one’s personal comfort and security (which is why he leaves the Nexus). Data shows us that emotions are a blessing, but left to run rampant they can be a dangerous and destructive force. These are not “Christian”, theological issues per se, but I felt this movie wonderfully addressed issues of feelings, purpose in life, dealing with deep loss and our own mortality. Soran, the villain, was so obsessed with beating death and escaping to fantasy world where nothing was real that he lost his “soul” in the process. These are issues common to all humanity. Just some thoughts.
Robert S. Denegal