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Bible and Theology questions

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Contents: Common questions / Flat Earth / Supposed Bible/Science Conflicts / Age of the Earth and Days of Creation

Common Questions

Click to learn about ADAM, the first man

What was Adam, the first man, really like? This popular answer is in our children's section, but it's written on a level that adults will enjoy.

Did Adam have a belly button? 答案
We've been asked this question often. Here's the answer.

Where did Cain get his wife? 答案
If all human beings are descendents of Adam and Eve, then whom did Cain marry? You'll learn the only explanation to this question and how this could be possible.

How could all the human races come from Noah, his three sons and their wives? 答案
Are the differences in the races justifiable reasons to disprove that all races descended directly from Noah and his family? Learn the truth of the matter.

Has the Garden of Eden ever been found? 答案
Many Christians naively assume that the Garden of Eden was located near the modern Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

ORDER OF CREATION—What is the order of events in the biblical Creation? 答案

How did bad things come about? 答案
If the world before the fall had no death or struggle, how can we explain the origin of animal and insect instincts designed to hurt and kill other living organisms? An in-depth study into some possible explanations.

Why does God allow innocent people to suffer? 答案

Should Christians be concerned about the environment? 答案
God has given us as humans the responsibility to take care of the earth… but to what extent should we go?

Has science disproved the miracles associated with Jesus Christ? 答案
The creation of the universe, water into wine, the blind and lame healed, walking on the water… Has science disproved these supernatural occurances?

Flat Earth

Were the Bible writers “flat earthers”? 答案
This alleged “mistake” of the Bible has been pointed to for years to help disprove the inerrancy of the Bible.

The Bible refers to “the four corners of the earth.” How can a spherical earth have corners? 答案
Look at the original Hebrew and Greek.

Who invented the flat Earth? 答案
You may be surprised by the truth.

Supposed Bible/Science Conflicts

Creation or Evolution—What difference does it make? 答案
What difference does it make whether one believes the world was created or evolved? Can't one embrace Christianity and evolution?

GALILEO—What were his real scientific and biblical conflicts with the Church? 答案
Many do not know the truth about the famous conflict between the Roman Catholic Church and this man of science and man of God.

Should Genesis be taken literally? 答案
Genesis is “the book of beginnings”. It is no wonder why there is so much attack as to the “proper” interpretation of Genesis. How should it be interpreted today?

Who wrote the first book of the Bible—Genesis? 答案
Was Genesis compiled from numerous sources, as some scholars say? Are there different authors for various portions of Genesis?

How should we interpret Genesis 1-11? 答案
The first 11 chapters of Genesis have incurred the most criticism from modern scholars, scientists, and sceptics. Is Genesis poetry, parable, prophecy, or truth?

What about the “contradictions” between Genesis 1 and 2 and other supposed difficulties? 答案
Skeptics and seekers alike often point to supposed inconsistencies and contradictions in Genesis. Take a look.

Does God expect us to read Genesis 1-11 as a record of authentic historical fact, or is this simply a collection of parable-like stories? 答案
Fact or fantasy? Is there evidence from within Genesis, and throughout the rest of the Scriptures, that seem to point to the view that Genesis 1-11 is intended to be understood as historical truth?

THE POPE—What is the significance of the Pope's recent support of evolution? 答案
A summary of the Pope's recent statement with perspectives from respected Christian leaders.

CHARLES DARWIN—Was he a Christian? Did he believe in God? Did he recant evolutionism when he died? 答案

Age of the Earth and Days of Creation

What is the “Gap Theory,” its origin and history? (also called the ruin and reconstruction theory of Genesis 1) 答案

Problems with the “Gap Theory”—Is it an acceptable way to harmonize the Bible and the geologic record? 答案

PROGRESSIVE CREATIONISM—Is it a viable option? 答案
Progressive creationism is becoming very popular among evangelical Christian. Find out what progressive creationism is and whether it holds the key to harmonizing theology and science.

Progressive Creationism—Who is Hugh Ross and what does he teach? 答案
Many people have heard of Hugh Ross and his ministry and have asked ChristianAnswers.Net about him. The following is a short summary of key teachings.

THEISTIC EVOLUTION—Is it biblical? 答案
Does theistic evolution fit with the Bible? What effects can the adoption of theistic evolution cause for those who believe in it?

Is the Bible clear about the age of the earth and universe? 答案
Did God take billions of years for creation, or was God actually referring to a literal 24-hour time-period in reference to each, individual creation day?

4TH DAY—Was the fourth day of creation twenty-four hours long? 答案
Creation of the sun, moon, and stars.

6TH DAY—Could all of the events recorded on the 6th day of creation really have taken place during a normal, 24-hour-type day? 答案
Adam and the naming of the animals.

24-HOUR DAYS—Does the Hebrew text really refer to 24-hour periods in the Creation week? 答案
What are some of the implications of believing in day-age theories?

BIBLICAL IMPORTANCE—Is the age of the Earth a “trivial” doctrinal point? 答案
Many Christians today fail to see the importance of believing in a literal interpretation of the Genesis Creation account. Don't be fooled—this issue is of great importance to Bible believing Christians, and this answer helps to explain why.

MARTIN LUTHER—What was his stand on Creation/Evolution? 答案
Learn what the beliefs of biblical scholar and Protestant reformer Martin Luther was regarding Creation.

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