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dragons and the Bible

Dinosaur-like creatures are mentioned in the Bible. The Bible uses ancient names like “behemoth” and “tannin.” See:

In the Old Testament translations, the word “dragon” is used for the following ancient words:

  1. Hebrew: TANNIM, plural of tan—the name of some unknown creature inhabiting desert places and ruins (Job 30:29; Psalm 44:19; Isaiah 13:22; 34:13; 43:20; Jeremiah 10:22; Micah 1:8; Mal. 1:3).

  2. Hebrew: TANNIN—some great sea monster (Jeremiah 51:34).

    What is the LEVIATHAN mentioned in the Bible? (sea monsters)

  3. Hebrew: plural TANNINIM (Genesis 1:21)

In the New Testament, the word “dragon” is found only in Rev. 12:3-4, 7, 9, 16-17, etc., and is there used metaphorically of “Satan.”



Article Version: June 4, 2019