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Personal testimony of a Jew who is now following The Messiah
“I found a Jesus who taught LOVE for all people, not HATE. …The “antisemitic” Jesus began to evaporate. He never existed.”
Video by One for IsraeL Ministry
Length: 10 minutes

How should I witness to a Jew?

Sadly, many of today’s Jews profess godliness but don’t embrace the Scriptures as we presume they do. Therefore, it is often difficult to reason with them about Jesus being the Messiah. This is why it is imperative to ask a Jew if he has kept the Law of Moses--to use the Law and remove the spirit of self-righteousness. The Law will show him his need of a Savior, and become a “schoolmaster” to bring him to Christ, as happened to Paul, Nicodemus, Nathaniel and the Jews on the Day of Pentecost. They had the advantage of the Law. It was the Law that brought 3,000 to the foot of the Cross on that day. It was a “schoolmaster” to bring them to Christ (Galatians 3:24). Without it they would not have known that they had sinned (Romans 7:7), and would not have therefore, seen their need of the Savior.

If the Jews are God’s “chosen people,” why have they been so oppressed?

Israel’s blessings were dependent upon her obedience. If the nation sinned, it would be chastened. This is God’s warning to the Jews: “Then the Lord will scatter you among all peoples, from one end of the Earth to the other, and there you shall serve other gods, which neither you nor your fathers have known-wood and stone. And among those nations you shall find no rest, nor shall the sole of your foot have a resting-place; but there the Lord will give you a trembling heart, failing eyes, and anguish of soul. Your life shall hang in doubt before you; you shall fear day and night, and have no assurance of life” (Deuteronomy 28:64-66).

“After many days you will be visited. In the latter years you will come back into the land of those brought back with the sword and gathered from many people on the mountains of Israel, which had been long desolate; they were brought out of the nations, and now all of them dwell safely” (Ezekiel 38:8).

“Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the Earth are gathered against it” (Zechariah 12:2,3).

Streaming video— 
Pastor was shocked with this revelation about Jews and Israel from Romans 1:16 and Romans 9-11
Video by One for IsraeL Ministry
Length: 5 minutes

The Messiah

  • What and who is The MESSIAH?
  • How do we know that Jesus was the Messiah? Answer
    Could Jesus Christ have truly been the prophesied Messiah for the Jews? The Jews of Jesus’ day rejected Him. Many people still await the coming of the Anointed. Learn why Jesus Christ is the only possible Messiah.

  • What Messianic prophecies did Jesus Christ fulfill? Answer
    Lengthy list, fully hyperlinked with references

  • PROPHECY—What are the odds surrounding Jesus Christ? Answer
  • What is PASSOVER and why is it significant? (Seder dinner / Haggadah) Answer
  • How and why did Christ greatly humble Himself for our sake? Answer
  • Meryl Konrad's story of how she began to worship Jesus as the Messiah
  • Jesus Christ: His Identity, Life, Death and ResurrectionWho is JESUS CHRIST—Answers to frequently-asked-questions (His life, death and resurrection)
  • MIRACLES—Has science disproved the miracles associated with Jesus Christ? Answer
  • Is Jesus Christ a man, or is he God? Answer
  • If Jesus is God, how could he die? If Jesus died on the cross, then how can he be alive today? Answer
  • Is Jesus Christ really God? Answer
  • If Jesus was the Son of God, why did He call Himself the Son of Man? Answer
  • TRINITY—How can one God be three persons? Answer
Streaming video— 
“He's not a BETRAYAL of our Jewish heritage, he’s the FULFILLMENT!”
Video by One for IsraeL Ministry
Length: 8 minutes
Streaming video— 
“There’s NO sin big enough that he can’t forgive! …Believing is seeing…”
Video by One for IsraeL Ministry
Length: 7 minutes
Streaming video— 
“Dad, where was God in the Holocaust?”
Video by One for IsraeL Ministry
Length: 9 minutes
Article Version: April 7, 2021

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