Part I: Creation to Joseph

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In the middle of the garden stood two trees: The Tree of Life and The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.

And the Lord put man in the garden of Eden to care for everything in it.

Then the Lord God commanded, “You may eat freely from every tree of the garden except for The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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Has the Garden of Eden ever been found? Answer

You must never eat from that tree. In the day that you do, you will surely die.” God showed his love for Adam and Eve, by giving them all they needed and more to enjoy life to its fullest.

He also gave them the ability to make choices, and He gave these ancestors of all humankind an opportunity to use this ability wisely. God wanted Adam and Eve to show their respect by obeying His one command, to not eat from just that one tree. Everything else was theirs to enjoy.

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To live in peace and happiness in their beautiful garden, Adam and Eve needed only to trust God’s wisdom, and respect His authority over them. They should have been grateful for life and happy in their freedom, but freedom to choose does not bring happiness when bad choices are made.

Long before God created humans, He also gave freedom of choice to the angels He had created. God desired honor from these angels, who inhabit the spirit realm, just as He desired honor from people.

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Most angels did choose to follow God, and even today these angels worship the Lord and carry out his bidding, helping people in many ways. But other angels made a bad choice. They rejected God’s love, selecting instead Satan, the most beautiful angel as their leader. Satan’s arrogance and pride caused him to lose the honored position above God’s throne.

Satan fell from heaven for his rebellion, because he had challenged God by saying in his heart, “I will elevate my throne above the stars of God: I will be like the most High God.”

Satan, known also in the Bible as the Devil, desires worship which belongs only to God. Satan deceives people in order to obtain that worship, even masquerading as a beautiful angel of light, but his lies and his false religions cause pain—and suffering—and destruction.

So God pronounced doom to Satan saying, “You will be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.”