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Do real scientists believe in Creation? Answer

Why do so many scientists endorse Evolution? Answer

How is it possible for reasonable, intelligent, well-educated people to hold such diametrically opposite views as Evolutionism and Creationism? Answer

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Donald Chittick

  • Creationist
  • Physical chemist
  • Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Oregon State University (1960)
  • B.S. from Willamette University, Salem, Oregon (1954)
  • Author of The Puzzle of Ancient Man and The Controversy: Roots of the Creation-Evolution Conflict
  • Awards include Outstanding Educators of America, American Men and Women of Science, “Who's Who in the West”
  • Holds several U.S. and foreign patents
  • Member: American Chemical Society
  • Seminar speaker on origins topics
  • Formerly associate professor of chemistry at the University of Puget Sound
  • Formerly chairman of the division of Natural Sciences at George Fox University in Oregon
  • Adjunct professor of chemistry at the Institute for Creation Research (since 1988)