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Do real scientists believe in Creation? Answer

Why do so many scientists endorse Evolution? Answer

How is it possible for reasonable, intelligent, well-educated people to hold such diametrically opposite views as Evolutionism and Creationism? Answer

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Brad Harrub

  • Creationist

    Anatomy and Neurobiology

    Ph.D. in neurobiology and anatomy from the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee in Memphis

    B.S. degree in biology from Kentucky Wesleyan College

    Member of the Society for Neuroscience

    Listed in the 2001-2002 edition of Who's Who Among Scientists and Researchers

    Author or co-author of numerous scientific articles published in professional journals

    Co-author of Diamonds in the Rough: Nuggets of Truth from God's Word, as well as several tracts on biblical and/or scientific topics

    Popular speaker on Christian evidences / Presents Truth About Origins seminars.

  • Director of Scientific Information at Apologetics Press