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Are You Going to Heaven?

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Adults Teens
Genre: Christian Documentary
Length: 35 min.
Year of Release: 1994
USA Release:
Copyright, Are You Going to Heaven?
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Are you going to Heaven? Are you SURE you know the answer this extremely important question? Or have you made some common wrong assumptions? Find out now! Watch on-line

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“…a wonderfully easy way to share Christ with friends, family or strangers!”

How many millions think they are going to heaven when, in reality, they have no idea how to get there? They can only hope. “Are You Going to Heaven?” examines the 6 most popular reasons why most people believe heaven will be their eternal home, then clearly defines what the Bible teaches about those common erroneous beliefs.

This video looks at such answers as the following:

  • “I’ve never hurt anyone” (2% response)
  • “I’ve tried to keep the 10 Commandments” (5%)
  • “I go to church” (8%)
  • “I believe in God” (10%)
  • “I’ve done the best I could” (15%)
  • “I’m basically a good person” (60% response)

Each answer is then refuted based on biblical teaching, but in a non-academic, for-everyone manner.

If you are looking for a video that can be handed to a friend or loved one who truly does care about eternity, then this presentation may be exactly what you need to help them understand the gospel truth of eternal salvation. Video format includes a mix of man-on-the-street interviews, computer-generated cutaways to biblical passages, and studio-based co-hosts.

See for yourself what “Are You Going to Heaven?” teaches. Check out our special online feature, in its entirety, and then consider the thought-provoking questions it raises.

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Positive—…one of the best tools I have seen to share Christ with. …
My Ratings: Moral rating: Excellent! / Moviemaking quality: 5
Kenneth Ford, age 62 (USA)
Positive—“We have used this video in our counselling sessions with young women in crisis and have had great response. Just this afternoon, a young mother of four prayed to ask Jesus into her heart after watching it. Her comment was that the video answered a lot of her questions and put it all together so she could understand.
Mary Hanson, Asst. Clinic Director Choose Life/Sav-A-Life of North Alabama