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Adod; Meaning: brave(?), the name of a Syrian god

This was the name of four Biblical men.

  1. an Edomite king who defeated the Midianites (Genesis 36:35; 1 Chronicles 1:46)

  2. another Edomite king (1 Chronicles 1:50-51), called also Hadar (Genesis 36:39; 1 Chronicles 1:51)

  3. one of “the king’s seed in Edom.” He fled into Egypt, where he married the sister of Pharaoh’s wife (1 Kings 11:14-22)

    He became one of Solomon’s adversaries.

  4. Hadad; Meaning: sharp, (a different name in Hebrew from the preceding)

    This was one of the sons of Ishmael (1 Chronicles 1:30). Called also Hadar (Genesis 25:15).