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the title generally applied to the chief men of the state

The “princes of the provinces” (1 Kings 20:14) were the governors or lord-lieutenants of the provinces. So also the “princes” mentioned in Dan. 6:1, 3-4, 6-7 were the officers who administered the affairs of the provinces; the “satraps” (as rendered in Revised King James Version). These are also called “lieutenants” (Esther 3:12; 8:9; Revised King James Version, “satraps”).

The promised Savior is called by Daniel (9:25) “Messiah the Prince” (Hebrew: nagid); compare Acts 3:15; 5:31.

The angel Micheal is called (Dan. 12:1) a “prince” (Hebrew: sar, whence “Sarah,” the “princes”).

Author: Matthew G. Easton.

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