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Superman Returns

MPA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPA) for some intense action violence.

Reviewed by: Keith Howland

Better than Average
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Adults Teens
Sci-Fi Superhero Action Adventure Fantasy
2 hr. 25 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
June 28, 2006 (wide)
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Featuring Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden, Kal Penn, Frank Langella, Hugh Laurie, Sam Huntington, Eva Marie Saint, Shawn Ashmore, Parker Posey, Ted Maynard
Director Bryan Singer
Producer Gilbert Adler, Stephen Jones, Chris Lee, Scott Mednick, Jon Peters, Bryan Singer, Thomas Tull
Distributor Warner Bros.

Superman (Brandon Routh) was away for a while. Like many adopted children, he had gone in search of his true family. Now, five years after his sudden disappearance from Earth, the Last Son of Krypton has returned. But things have not stood still in his absence. Old flame Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) has a fiancé, Richard White (James Marsden), and a five-year-old son, Jason (Tristan Lake Leabu). Criminal mastermind Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) is out of prison, with a new plan for world domination. Perhaps worst of all, Metropolis has learned to live without the caped superhero. But though a city may spurn its savior, it still needs him, now more than ever.

Of course, you know that Metropolis will come to welcome Superman’s return. But will moviegoers welcome Superman Returns? They should. It is a visual treat from start to finish, especially in IMAX (with select scenes in 3-D). Brandon Routh is very good as Superman and Clark Kent, managing to be both grandly heroic and subtly emotional. (He certainly looks the part, too.) Kevin Spacey is entertaining as Lex Luthor, who manages to make you laugh even while concocting vile schemes. There are very light moments and loving tributes to Superman lore sprinkled throughout the story. Director Bryan Singer (who helmed “X-Men” and “X2: X-Men United”) deftly handles all the action and visual-effects sequences, while the screenwriters have wisely chosen to stress character over spectacle.

The film is rated PG-13, which is entirely due to the intensity of the action. The violence in some scenes is rather intense, but it is never bloody. There are a few mild profanities in the dialog, but there is little else that would cause offense. With regards to the film’s suitability for younger children, viewers of “Spider-Man” or “Spider-Man 2” should have a good idea of what to expect of “Superman Returns”.

Apart from being well made and inoffensive, the film touches on some worthy themes. “Superman: The Movie” (1978) had especially highlighted the similarities between Superman and the greatest hero of all, Jesus Christ. He is an only son, possessing great power, sent to Earth to be raised by simple country folk and then, after disappearing into the wilderness for a while, reappearing at age thirty with miraculous displays of selfless heroism and a message of hope. In lines repeated in “Superman Returns,” Superman’s father, Jor-El (Marlon Brando), told him that the people of Earth “can be a great people… they only lack the light to show them the way.”

To that end, Jor-El sent his only son to Earth to light the way and save the perishing. (Compare this with what the Bible says of Jesus in John 1:1-14 and 3:16-21.) Jor-El even speaks of a mystical union with his son, so that “from the son comes the father, and the father the son.” (Compare this with the way Jesus describes his relationship with God the Father in John 10:38—“the Father is in me, and I am in the Father.”)

At one point in the film, Lois Lane tells Superman that “the world doesn’t need a savior—and neither do I.” Superman retorts, “but every day I hear people crying out for one.” That is one reason why any good superhero film—including this one—resonates with millions of viewers throughout the world: They may not know it, but they need a savior. They rejoice when he comes to right the wrongs of the world. But even Superman cannot save everyone, and he has some troubles of his own. By contrast, Jesus Christ bore our troubles on the cross, so that he could effectively save everyone who believes in him. The end of “Superman Returns” may be flawed and a little downbeat, but when Christ returns, it will be a perfect end to history.

Violence: Heavy / Profanity: Mild / Sex/Nudity: Mild

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Viewer Comments
Positive—Absolutely fantastic! A powerhouse of a movie. Hands down the best summer blockbuster we have had in years. It’s relevant, meaningful and highly enjoyable. Never a dull moment—and spectacularly clean. This movie gets wholehearted support. It has been so long since a popular movie has been strong in every suit. An undeniable thrill. The parallels to Christ are glaring.
Positive—Very good movie, overall. A bit slow at times for the younger ones; “darn” (the other word) mentioned 3-4 times. Very much Christian symbolism. One thing I have to remember is the previews shown prior to a PG-13 movie—whereas I’m okayay with “Superman Returns”, I didn’t care for my kids (8 and 6) to see a couple of the previews prior to the movie. Several scenes are very loud and intense, and would not be so on a smaller, television screen, so my kids wouldn’t have cringed were it not for the large screen and loud sound of the theater. They enjoyed it in the end, however, and we discussed the mention of a Savior, and how Superman’s father (voice) talked about the capacity for the human heart, and how many of them just haven’t “seen the light” yet.

The other saving grace for Superman is that he has a “clean” reputation (it was out of his character, as Clark Kent, to be seen in the bar, as in this movie), unlike the “Hulk” or “Daredevil,” etc., who unfortunately leave room for directors to develop and display their dark sides and bring the whole movie down. Thumbs up, up and away!
My Ratings: Excellent! / 4
David Holland, age 39
Positive—My wife and I just returned from “Superman Returns”. At 2 years old I would dress with a cape and watch traffic go by, waiting for people to stare in awe at me as a superhero. I had the same feelings as I stared in awe at such a breathtaking presentation of the Man of Steel. The directors/producers/screenwriters and story writers truly captured the essence of the Christopher Reeve persona, as well as reaching across and touching on the George Reeves era. The story was well written, the graphics believable and well done (not over the top-done extremely well where necessary), the acting superb, and the essence of the originals (namely Superman 1 and 2) were truly and carefully preserved. A job well done that should have conservatives giving a standing ovation. Again, thank you for finally presenting a superhero the way they should be.
My Ratings: Excellent! / 5
Caine Calhoun, age 33
Positive—“Superman Returns” is the continuation of the first two Superman films that starred Christopher Reeve in the title role. Superman II (1980) ended with Lois Lane crying over having to share Superman with the world after her adventure and intimate relationship with Superman over the course of the film. In an attempt to protect Lois and take the burden of knowing his secret away, he kisses Lois, Lois faints, and when she awakens, she has no memory of any of the events that transpired during the film. Now into “Superman Returns”:

Clark/Superman is heartbroken over having to hide his identity from Lois. Scientists have also discovered fragments of his home planet Krypton, further adding to the frustration and identity-crisis inside Clark. Clark/Superman leaves Earth for 5 years on a journey to find Krypton, and essentially himself and where he belongs in the universe. The opening credits are stunning. Director Bryan Singer has kept the original theme composed by John Williams and has paid homage to the opening credit style of the original films.

An important thing to note is that Bryan Singer is a homosexual, not a flamboyant one, but he does readily admit his sexual preference. This may have an affect on some Christians, as they may not wish to contribute to his pocketbook. Some may feel that by seeing a film directed or starring a person who is a homosexual, they (the Christian) is giving their support to that person’s lifestyle. I myself understand and respect those that hold that opinion. See all »
My Ratings: Average / 5
Rachel Bergren, age 30
Positive—I thought this was a fabulous movie! I was concerned about claims made by some in the homosexual community that this film will show Superman with gay tendencies (a supposition on their part I suppose, since Brian Singer who directed and co-produced the movie is openly gay). Nothing could have been further from the truth—a major element of the story line shows Superman still struggling with his love for Lois Lane. But the greatest aspect of the film was the very obvious portrayal of Superman as a Christ figure.

There were lines that seemed to be relating the gospel message, such as when Superman’s father is saying to him “mankind needs a light to guide them, that is why I sent you, my one and only son,” and later, Superman says to Lois Lane, “you say the world doesn’t need a savior, but every day I hear them crying out for one.” It even had a scene that was a type of crucifixion and resurrection that was very moving. I have hopes that this movie will touch many people in the way it touched me—leaving the understanding of how much we desperately NEED Jesus, and seeing that He is our One True Superhero!!
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Lisa Negri, age 42
Positive—Superman Returns is a far cry from what most fans will be expecting. The actors turn in uninspired performances, the action scenes are there because we “expect” the movie to have at least one or two good ones, not because they serve the plot that is already riddled with more holes than a wedge of swiss cheese.

Lex steals all the fortress-building crystals from Supe’s arctic home in order to terra-form the planet creating his own continent, subsequently flooding the USA and killing a few billion people in the process. He blends the crystals with Kryptonite to make this sickly new land “unpleasant” for the man of steel.

There are so many scenes and even entire lines of dialogue ripped straight from the 1978 original. There was even the scene with Lois lighting up a cigarette and Superman blowing out the lighter. I was just waiting for the “lemme guess, lung cancer?” line followed by Superman’s X-ray check-up and “not yet thank goodness” response. Thankfully they skipped at least that choice line, but there are plenty of others including Lex’s rant about real estate.

There is the obligatory montage of crime-fighting, both in Metropolis and all over the entire world to let us know that SUPERMAN’S BACK, followed by the rooftop interview with Lois, romantic flight through the city, and other deja’vu' scenes that had me wondering if Singer or the other writers could muster up a single original idea among them. See all »
My Ratings: Average / 3
Mark Smith, age 42
Positive—I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. I went in with very few expectations; the main reason I went at all was to see Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther. What a shock! I loved it!! I am hard pressed to find anything wrong with it, it’s an extremely well done film. Everything from the acting, the visuals, the dialogue, the music, was great from start to finish. Needless to say, Kevin Spacey delivers a wonderfully wacky and sinister performance. I enjoyed his character thoroughly. What I didn’t expect was how much I would like the title character himself; Superman.

I have never seen a superhero movie in where I cared this much for the hero. Rest assured, Batman’s still my favorite character ever, but I don’t really like him as a person. Supes/Kent was someone I was genuinely emotionally invested in. It’s a weird feeling for me. I understood him, looked up to him, and felt for him when things were going either well or poorly. Also, the movie did an excellent job of making such an absurd character make sense in the world he lived in. Let’s face it, it’s hard to take a character seriously when he is wearing a costume like that, not to mention, nearly invincible. Because of the way he was written and the acting of all the different characters, I bought into it. See all »
My Ratings: Average / 4
Cade Loven, age 19
Positive—Movie was good. Perhaps better than average considering all the horrible previews we sat through to see the feature film. It definitely had biblical parallels that can be easily explained to non-believer or young children. I was personally disappointed to hear that Superman’s job is has been reduced to fighting for “truth and justice,” no longer “the American way.” However, I would not recommend this movie for children. …I took my eight year old son. It was not a good experience. Several scenes are far too intense for an innocent: family trapped in locked compartment drowning, relentless beating of superhero, violent whipping of passengers of crashing airline (especially difficult for a child who lived near Pentagon during 911), etc. None of the scenes are inappropriate in themselves, just very intense situations for a child to view in the heightened sight and sound of a theater. Great for teens and fans of superheros. But leave the little ones at home.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 3
Stephine, age 39
Positive—It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the 200 million plus flick has some of the best special effects and action sequences I’ve ever seen. What is surprising is the way in which the large expanses of quiet, emotional scenes kept me as alert and engrossed as any of the blood and thunder managed to. Bryan Singer makes Superman seem vulnerable and human without making him any less awe inspiring. Where a less talented filmmaker would have churned out something cheesy and manipulative, he constructs a tale with real feeling. The most surprising of the plot developments departed quite a bit from comic lore and had me feeling a bit odd at first, but I ended up finding it kind of inspiring. Singer managed to wrangle up a real surprise in a story that’s basically been told repeatedly for seventy years.

Another aspect of the film I appreciated was Singer’s use of religious symbolism, which actually gave certain scenes more gravitas, and was very subdued compared to the “smack you over the head with a bat” subtexts of “X3.” As far as Christian morality is concerned, this is the first film of excellent quality in years in which I found nothing that even borders on questionable. This is the new gold standard of all-ages adventure films. See all »
My Ratings: Excellent! / 5
Joseph R. Astalfa, age 20
Positive—Superman coming back to the big screen is a welcome sight to see, and “Superman Returns” lives up to the hype and expectations. It’s a hot and cold movie, but mostly hot. It was to me a movie of two halves. The first was slow and admittedly, a little dull, but it was necessary to go through that to lay the foundation and groundwork of the story. The second half took off with a bang, and became thrilling and more exciting. I believe that all the cast in the movie were terrific, and the performances (especially by Kevin Spacey, who plays Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor). The story flowed well, although it was fairly slow paced in the first half of the movie. The action was terrific, but I believe that there should have been a little more to spice it up.

This movie, unlike other Superhero movies, was one that was very un-offensive in every part. There was violence, but almost non-existent blood. The profanities are few, and there was no sexuality (a trait hard to find in other Superhero movies). It also had some good lines and depicted Superman more like Christ, since Christ came to save us just as Superman came to protect those in danger. The most interesting scene was when Lois was interviewing Superman, saying that “The world does not need a Savior, and neither do I.” Superman responds simply by saying “You wrote that the world doesn’t need a savior, but every day I hear people crying for one.” We need a Savoir in our lives. We cried out to be saved and God saved us through his Son. This is shown (in a way) through Superman. People needed to be saved from danger, and he was sent by his father to save and protect those people. Overall, a very satisfying movie, and one of the best comic book adaptions to the big screen. I look forward to a sequel coming out.
My Ratings: Good / 4
Dave, age 20
Positive—I thought this film was great. Superbly acted and well written; very clean as well. The action and special effects were great and it was a very enjoyable movie—in fact, it was SUPER!!
My Ratings: Good / 5
Jason, age 24
Positive—…I REALLY liked it. The storyline was very good and even if you haven’t seen the originals, you won’t get lost. There was no nudity and no crude humor, except for a few comments that no kid should understand. The movie is a bit long, but I doubt you’ll even notice, in fact I was waiting for more. I highly recommend this movie.
My Ratings: Good / 4
Anthony, age 32
Positive—This movie is great fun and lots of enjoyment, ESPECIALLY for anyone who has seen the first two SUPERMAN movies of the 1980s. It is full of direct (a negative person might say blatant) references and incorporations of the plot-lines, dialogue, and cinematography of those films, but it is done in homage and not in plagiarism. The movie-making quality is fantastic.

SUPERMAN RETURNS inserts the “five year absence” apparently just after the end of Superman II and many subtle (Kitty Kowalski tells/asks Lex that it seems like he has been to Superman’s secret arctic fortress before) and not so subtle references (the use of the alien crystals to grow islands and buildings) are made in the plot line of this movie. Although there are times when Brandon Routh’s delivery of dialog can sound a little “flat,” he does a fantastic job of keeping Christopher Reeve’s version of Superman alive. Overall, the characterizations are very good. Watch for Parker Posey, as Lex Luther’s female sidekick/henchman named Kitty Kowalski, to alllllllmost steal a couple of scenes—ha! no pun intended from Kevin Spacey/Lex Luther! See all »
My Ratings: Better than Average / 4
Brook B, age 35
Positive—I thought this was an amazing movie. Having never viewed Superman on the big screen, this was a special treat. I’ve always loved the original Chris Reeve movies, and have been an avid Superman fan my whole life. I will say I was not disappointed in the least. I feel the offensive rating was relatively low; my main griefs were the fact Lois had a child out of wed-lock, and Lex Luthor was one sinister character. I won’t spoil any of the scenes, but when it comes to a man who is so purely evil, I just have a hard time grasping that aspect of one’s character. It’s almost like I knew he was acting. Who could possibly hate the Man of Steel that much?

Another thing that has always bothered me is the whole “extraterrestrial being” as Earth’s savior. But, in a vague sense, so was Jesus. I saw so many parallels from Scripture in this movie it almost like watching “The Passion…” all over again. There is a scene where I felt like a bystander to Jesus’ crucifixion; I wanted to cry. Overall, I give this movie a solid A!
My Ratings: Good / 4
Jake, age 21
Positive—“Superman Returns” does have a lot of Spiritual implications as the summary here so well shows, but we need to be cautious with this implication in real life. It is strongly hinted that the 5-year-old son Lois has is also Superman’s son. Although Lois says the world does not need a “savior” it is indicated that Superman is the savior the world is waiting for. There will be another “superman” the world will look to as their savior and will even declare this superman to be “Christ’s return” but it will not be OUR LORD! Just as this “savior” will be the anti-christ, if we see superman as a savior, we will be just as wrong, for he too is a type of anti-christ. If this 5 year old boy is his son, he cannot be THE savior—for our Savior Jesus Christ was sinless. (Superman and Lois were never married.) (Even the implication of the resurrection was duly noted.) I would strongly urge parents of any child that does not know the LORD to use this film to point to the real Savior Jesus Christ.

• Tell a person that although this movie is fiction, there IS a real savior whose Father sent His only son to save the world!
• Tell the world that we DO need a savior and who that savior is.
• Remind them that there is only ONE who died, was buried and returned to live again, Jesus Christ.

I do wonder if “Superman Returns” could be a forerunner of “Christ Returns” to bring in the anti-christ whom too many will see as Earth’s savior. Yes, Superman is a good movie, but let us use it to point to JESUS and not to let people fall for someone that will soon imitate our LORD. Remember Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, No one can go to the Father But by HIM!
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Pastor Ken Deemer, age 59
Positive—As a Christian, I rarely take my family to a movie I haven’t seen myself or at least have read a Christian movie review about. Last night, I took a risk. I am in the US Navy and the local Navy bases had a free preview of “Superman Returns”. It was a big risk considering the poor moral quality of the four other Superman movies. I took my wife and my four children ages 6, 8, 9 and 12 to see the movie. It was a risk well worth taking. Before I write any further I warn those reading this that there will be some big plot spoilers in this review. I wondered as I watched this movie if the writer or director were Christians or if they were trying to reach a Christian audience. Perhaps I read too much into the movie, but there was just simply too much of what I thought to be Christian symbolism to be coincidental.

The premise of the movie is that Superman left Earth for a few years and has returned. Upon his return, Superman finds that the world is in a terrible state what with wars, terrorism and all the other results of sin on the planet. He also finds that Lois Lane has moved on, is living with a man named Richard and she has a son named Jason, supposedly by Richard. She even won a Pulitzer Prize for an article entitled “Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman.” See all »
My Ratings: Good / 5
Robert Dietrich, age 34
Neutral—My family and I saw “Superman Returns” last night. I am not a real fan of Superman because of the immorality in the Christopher Reeves’ version of the comic strip hero years ago. This movie was much better, morally, but I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with the premise of the story being that Superman had a sexual relationship with Lois Lane outside of marriage, and she had his son. When I saw all the great symbolism of Christ in Superman I was very disappointed to find out that the son was Superman’s. If we are going to say that this movie is a great witnessing tool, we need to make sure that we point out the differences that the movie makers in Hollywood want to give Superman (the symbol of Christ) that make him a “man of the new millennium”: he is not sexually pure. No wonder 60% of our youth in our churches think that Christ sinned—Hollywood doesn’t know what makes a “savior” so appealing—complete purity and self sacrifice in all aspects of life.

If we really wanted Hollywood to make a good Christian movie, maybe we should hold out for the real thing and not fill their pockets with money when it is not the real thing. Until then, just sit down with the family and read the comics! Of course, you have to get comics that are twenty years old or more, but that soapbox is for another time.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 3
Anita, age over 40
Neutral—The fact that so many reviewers get excited about the supposed analogy between this film and Christianity seems a stretch. Remember why this film was made—to make money. In this film, Superman was nothing like Christ, and to think that limits our understanding of Christ. Superman was a super hero because of what he was entrusted with by his father Jor-El. Christ was not entrusted with anything. He “owns the cattle on a thousand hills,” as the song goes. He is far greater and needed far more than Superman could ever be. Superman being the “savior” that he claims to be is arrogant and misleading. This is not reality and should not be used as an analogy of reality. Where was Superman on Sept. 11? The reality is bad things happen, and there is no “savior” who will always stop the bad from happening. But thank God that Christ is sovereign. Nothing happens apart from His divine decree. He is always in complete control of all things—something Superman cannot claim.

If the purpose of this movie is to entertain, then entertain. Yes, the photography and cinematography is striking. But, unfortunately, this film missed the action sequences that make a super hero super. One of the first things I said after leaving the theatre was, “This was no Spiderman.” “Spiderman” and “Spiderman 2” were edge of your seat action. This movie got too involved with relationships and not enough on why we wanted to see the movie in the first place. Let’s see him be super! Granted, the bullet to the eye scene was pretty cool. But overall, it was a lot of dialogue and relationship and not enough action. By the way, couldn’t Superman entertain us by bringing Luther to justice once and for all? Lex was destined to spend his days on a tropical island with a beautiful woman. How bad could that be?
My Ratings: Good / 4
Jim Vanden Heuvel, age 39
Neutral—First of all, the moving was way too long and kinda boring, but it was a clean flick with no foul language that I noticed and no sexual situations. The special effects were amazing, Kevin Spacey as Lex was good, but the acting by the guy who played Superman was awful. Overall, it was an OK movie, but afterwards I wished I would have waited until DVD. But then again, if you are going to wait until DVD I would suggest not waiting and renting the original Superman with Christopher Reeves—it’s much better.
My Ratings: Good / 4
Brad, age 24
Neutral—Director Bryan Singer has a tendency to let a fly into the ointment. That is, I want to love his films, but there’s always that one thing (or several things, taken together) that prevents me from counting his films among my favorites. With the first two “X-Men” films, that “fly” was the blue-skinned mutant, Mystique. Those who have seen any of those films will know what I’m talking about. The bathroom scene in the second film, in particular, was completely out of line. In “Superman Returns”, the problem is a little more subtle (not to me, but apparently to some of the others who have commented on the film). My personal memories of Lois Lane come mainly from the 40’s cartoon series and the black-and-white TV show, which has just been released on DVD. So I’m a little old-fashioned when it comes to my idea of what this heroine should be.

Take the Lois in the new film. It’s understandable that she’s moved on from Superman, but that she’s living with her fiance, probably doing things she shouldn’t, is offensive to me and makes it hard to like her. Clark Kent isn’t quite the “true blue” type I remember, either. Yes, he saves the day in spectacular fashion, but his personal life leaves something to be desired. He’s had a kid with Lois (out-of-wedlock, of course) and, upon discovering that she’s engaged to another man, he drinks himself silly in a bar with one of his buddies. And this guy is supposed to represent Christ? See all »
My Ratings: Average / 4
John Stanifer, age 20
Neutral—I would give the movie a little above average. Spacey was OK, but not what I would consider a really “evil villain.” Maybe I liked Gene Hackman too much in the previous movies to see Spacey play this character. It also felt like watching Google Earth for about 45 minutes! You could definitely tell when the action went from real to computer generated. The religious overtones were good. Yes, the key was the line about not needing a savior and subsequent dialog. However, I doubt that the writers/producer/director had some sort of Christian message in the film. Overall, not great but worth a couple of hours of “escape-ism.”
My Ratings: Average / 3
Stan Edington, age 57
Neutral—The movie was adventurous, exciting in some parts and had a lot of action, but it was also predictable. The problem I had with it is that so many children are going to be seeing this movie because Superman is such an icon and considered a hero. In the movie we find out he has a son out of wedlock and that Lois is living with one man, but still deeply in love with Superman at the same time. In one scene, Lois kisses her live-in goodbye in the car and then goes into the hospital to look after Superman and ends up kissing him—all this in front of her young son. The comment I could have done without is when Lois is told to cover the story of Superman, and she says, “I’ve already done Superman!” Then in the back of the room, Jimmy snickers and Lois corrects herself saying, “I mean I’ve already covered that story!” My kids didn’t catch it, but I didn’t appreciate the crude humor in this kind of movie.
My Ratings: Average / 3
Sherry, age 41
Neutral—For months, I made the reasonable assumption that “Superman Returns” would be a good film. Nay, a great film. After all, Superman is a timeless character, one who represents truth, justice, and the american way. So, a blockbuster Superman movie should pack a punch, right? A well-rounded story, good visual effects, and sound values are in order. Did Singer deliver on these fundamentals? Sure he did, on the latter two. Only problem is, he left out the lumbar in the spine of the movie—the plot.

It was 2½ hours of Superman doing what he does best. Flying. Saving People. Being Suave. Romancing Lois. Emulating Christopher Reeve. Doh! Was that intentional??? Of course… But it’s to Brandon Routh’s credit. He’s got the look, the build, and Reeve’s smile—the million dollar whites that could land him a job as the Crest poster child. But where was the story? It was weakly centered around stopping the cheesy, carnival-like Lex Luthor from creating land!?!? Even “Smallville” boasts more substance as far as story goes, even during its dumbest and most insipid of episodes.
A few highlights include the John Williams score and the archival footage of Marlon Brando. And who would have ever thought Eva Marie Saint of Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” would land the role of Martha Kent? Not I, but it was good to see a veteran actress grace the screen. Little odds 'n ends like these made for a great tribute and a nice sense of nostalgia. See all »
My Ratings: Better than Average / 4
Jacob Keenum, age 20
Neutral—This movie was pretty much what I expected from Hollywood in 2006. But I was intrigued by the moral climate into which this movie was released. The original “Superman” on film aired as a TV series beginning in the early 1950’s. The strongest language you’ll hear is an occasional exclamation of “Jeepers” from Daily Planet reporter Jimmy Olsen. Then in 1978 Christopher Reeve brought Superman to a new generation of kids. Though still demure, Superman’s relationship with Lois Lane pushed a new envelope, hinting at a sexual dimension.

Superman had X-ray vision, and when asked by Lois Lane what color underwear she was wearing, he responded “pink.” Now fast-forward 28 years (spoilers ahead), and we have the man of steel, who before he left Earth 5 years before the story begins apparently had sex outside of marriage with Lois Lane, because this movie expressly communicates that Lois’ son, first presumed to be the son of her long-time live-in boyfriend Richard, is actually Superman’s son. This fact is presumed to be unknown both to the son (who calls Richard “Dad”) and to Richard himself, which raises a new question: if Richard, a sentient individual who must know how to use a calendar, believed that Jason was his son, then how quickly did Lois Lane have to pair up with Richard on the rebound in order to make the math work? See all »
My Ratings: Average / 4
Ben Stephenson, age 38
Neutral—Well, I seem to be in the minority here with my opinion, but I was not all that impressed with “Superman Returns”. A friend called on release day with free tickets to an advance screening, which I was very excited about. I have been a superhero nut since I was a kid, and had high hopes. Unlike other reviewers here, I was not blessed by the obvious Christian symbolism; I suppose the Lord can use any reference to His Son to cause someone to consider the Gospel, but I thought the allusions to Christ were too sketchy to be very useful.

Also, Superman was presented as someone sent basically to stop the bad things people do, protecting the “innocent”, not someone who can change WHO PEOPLE ARE (sinners to the core). Lex Luthor’s men beat Superman when he was caught off guard and neutralized with kryptonite; Jesus WILLINGLY gave His life as a sacrifice for our sins, saying: 'The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.' (John 10:17-18a NIV) Also, I felt the fact that Superman had a fling with Lois 5 years ago, resulting in an illegitimate son, seriously tainted his image. Additionally, unlike Jesus, Superman’s focus through most of the movie, including the ending, was selfish; he was fixated on being reunited with Lois, whose fiance had been lovingly caring for his son for 5 years…

Regarding the quality of moviemaking, I thought “Superman Returns” was just OK. I didn’t feel emotionally drawn in by the main characters and was very disappointed with the ending. The “bad guy” plot was unbelievable, which is to be expected, but also not that interesting, in my opinion. As far as pure enjoyment of a superhero movie, I would have to rate both “Spiderman” movies much, much higher.
My Ratings: Average / 2
Steve, age 41
Neutral—If Superman is about higher principles which reflect the true heart of humanity…, then this is not the case in Brian Singer’s film. “Superman Returns” is a guilty pleasure for any film aficionado, but as a Christian I hate to see it promoted as a decent “Christian” film safe for viewing. It is anything but. And this comes from a Superman comic book fanatic who loves the character. But Brian Singer’s Superman is not the Superman I grew up enjoying. First of all, the real Superman (the comic book version) marries Lois before he knocks her up. …Seriously, he pretends to be somebody else to sleep with her, ditches her after a one night stand, comes back years later to ruin a happy engagement with a true fiance. It also seems to be a strain on the film, and prolongs its running time by an hour longer than necessary just to portray the overtly “implied” but rather needless promiscuity in all of its hedonistic delight.

We cannot praise smutty second rate soap opera trash like this and still be okay with ourselves. If we put aside the story entirely, then yes, the film pulls off a rather spectacular visual feat. The acting is good, and the music is wonderful, and the over-all production is excellent in terms of movie making. But when it comes to the story and themes in “Superman Returns,” one can sum it up best as—bleh! I almost wish he hadn’t returned. … If only Brian Singer’s film had an inkling of morality, or any greater themes of love conquering all, but the truth is this is not what this certain film embodies. Rather “Superman Returns” supports a very sinful concept at the extent of ruining decent characters. Indeed, where is that man with high moral values, great sense of duty, and unmatched chivalry? Where is the heroic take responsibility for your actions Superman? …Yes, the opening credits are impressive, and the movie retains lots of eye candy, cinematic charm, and lots of stylish special effects. The downside is, horribly slaughtered characters, a less than average plot, Superman succumbing to a great human sin akin to folly, and amounting to a whole lot of nothing super about this film.
My Ratings: Very Offensive / 4
Tristan Vick, age 26
Neutral—I thought the movie was entertaining. I appreciated the theme that the world needs a savior (in the movie’s case it was Superman), and in reality it is Jesus. That theme was surprising, and I liked it. What I worry about is that the movie reveals that Lois Lane and Superman did have a child together, resulting from their night together in Superman II. I was saddened that this issue had to be pursued further in the Superman series. It seems as though we’re sending a message to children to look up to someone, who has engaged in premarital relations and has fathered a child out of marriage.
My Ratings: Offensive / 4
Ginger Pope, age 30
Negative—…Why are so many Christian reviewers are comparing the Man of Steel with Christ, the Savior? Superman is fiction and flawed. Jesus is real and perfect. With the recent release of the DaVinci Code about Christ married Mary Magdalene and fathered bloodlines, Superman is in that line of ideology. If you remembered in Superman 2, what Clark and Lois did at the Fortress of Solitude, and if Superman is as noble as Bryan Singer stated, why had the Man of Steel just up and leave without consideration for what they had done. No wonder why the Munchkin is wheezing with asthma, and, his first flaw was to kill a man. After witnessing that incident, I thought for a second about the Man of Steel’s reservations from killing anyone, not even the villain’s sidekicks, and here is the first death done by a kid. The father will be like the son, and if you must insist, I won’t spoiled it for you. Mr. Singer should have concentrated on the family affair versus the savior complex. We already know how strong Superman is, we wanted to see his emotional value. The only nobility is for the sake of the child.
My Ratings: Average / 5
Mang Yang, age 34
Negative—Superman sires a child out of wedlock with Lois Lane then splits for five years. Upon his return, he accepts no responsibility whatsoever for his child. Instead of marrying somebody, Lois lives in sin with her boss’s nephew. We used to call that “shacking up.” It’s all contrary to Christian teachings. Including such themes in popular megamovies normalizes immoral and sinful behavior.
My Ratings: Offensive / 3
Bill Stack, age 55
Negative—I seem to be in the minority, but I was disappointed with this movie. First of all, from an entertainment perspective, it did not hold my attention throughout; I even looked at my watch once during the movie, wondering when it would finish. It’s long and, at times, “drifts” a bit. The special effects are excellent, but the storyline didn’t “grip” me. Secondly, I thought it portrayed a “diminished” Superman, not in terms of his superpowers but in terms of being someone to admire in terms of certain character traits. His focus and attention to Lois Lane, especially given that she was portrayed as being in a committed, “live-in” relationship, seemed self-centered. The Superman I have appreciated in past portrayals has nobler character than to seek to ACTIVELY influence her commitment to another person.

Lastly, there were moral concerns: Premarital sex is apparently condoned. While thankfully there are no visual portrayals of this, the message is definitely there: It’s OK! And, without giving away something revealed in the movie, let’s just say that Superman’s moral character and worldview is of concern as well in this regard. Given Peter’s admonition to 'keep away from evil desires because they FIGHT against your very SOUL' (1 Peter 2:11), I do not appreciate the casual, indifferent approach to sexual activity that is implicitly portrayed. I urge parents to make it a priority to discuss the moral issues raised by this movie with their children (if you permit them to see it).
My Ratings: Offensive / 4
Paul Smith, age 57
Negative—I found this film to be very immoral. Lois Lane has a child born out of wedlock. She lies about the paternity of the child so that another male character will accept her and the child. They are unmarried but living together. In reality, the child was sired by Superman. Timing would indicate that she began being intimate with the boyfriend shortly after her liaison with Superman. This implies promiscuity. Also, the constant messianic hints in regard to Superman were offensive. It is easy for young viewers to rationalize that since Superman is only a fictitious character, perhaps Jesus was also. In the end, the villain who had stated that “billions would die” had his plans thwarted, but went unpunished.
My Ratings: Offensive / 4
Conrad Whitfield, age 72
Negative—I went into the movie expecting a huge movie wonder as I love director Bryan Singer. What I got out of it was a nap. … 1. I thought the movie was slow and boring. When you only put 15-20 min. action in a movie that is 2 hrs and 36 min. long its a LONG movie that seems it’ll never end. 2. In my opinion they didn’t hold true to the Louis Lang character (I won’t say more as I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone). 3. They made the movie into much more of a chick flick drama based around Superman. 4. They imply that Louis and Superman 5 years ago had a “night in” together and hence forth had a son together. Now I don’t about you, but that’s not the kind of “superman” I want to root for. Now the movie wasn’t a total washout. The acting put on by the cast was spectacular! I especially love Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther. The movie making quality was excellent, as was the main story of beating Luther again.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Alex Hood, age 18
Negative—“Superman Returns” is a disappointment from a Christian perspective. Superman has always been a character who stood for truth and justice. In the beginning of the movie Clark is drinking beer to clam his nerves. This is totally out of character for Superman/Clark, but totally in character for our warped society’s view as to how to handle your problems. If this is not enough Superman has fathered a child out of wedlock. This is depicted as normal and not a big deal. Superman has been made mortal. Like Samson his hair has been cut. Superman is no longer super without super morals. In the previous Superman movies his true strength flowed from his character. The title of the movie should just be MAN RETURNS.
My Ratings: Extremely Offensive / 3
Michael Mickens, age 31
Negative—Would have been a great movie if it weren’t for a couple of major flaws. First the positive. Superman’s father sends his only son to Earth with great powers. He is a savior of sorts. There are many Christian parallels, but Hollywood soon blows it. He is for “truth, justice, and the American way,” but Hollywood can’t bring itself to say “and the American way,” so Perry White says 'Truth, justice, and all that other stuff.' Lois Lane is living in sin with her illegitimate child and “boyfriend.” Turns out that the child is Superman’s, so he may not lie, but he does seem to fornicate these days. Lois and her boyfriend appear to live in married bliss as though they were Ward and June Cleaver thus legitimizing living in sin, fornication and illegitimacy. No agenda here. Too bad. Could have been a great movie. On the plus side, the soundtrack is stunning.
My Ratings: Average / 4
Michael LeRoy, age 52
Negative—I went to see Superman hoping for something exciting and friendly for the whole family. I was disappointed on both counts. First the diabolical enemy never really had a good conflict with our hero. The tension was never built between the two characters. Their one encounter was so one-sided it failed to build anticipation or enthusiasm for our “hero.” On the family friendliness of the show (this will be a spoiler) Superman finds out he has fathered a child. Lois Lane has kept this secret from her live in boyfriend, who believes the boy is his. Dishonesty, deception and sexual immorality build the plot of the show. Superman our supposed hero is a big disappointment. I found myself feeling very offended a how Lois was treating the boyfriend and liked him more than our stars who lacked integrity. Super power doesn’t make a hero.
My Ratings: Average / 3
Jan, age 37
Negative—If you are a Christian you must know that this film reports that Superman has had a child out of wedlock. The producers of superman have totally ruined the character that we could in the past look to as a Christ-like figure. My advice is, don’t go to see this movie.
My Ratings: Extremely Offensive / 3
Barry Madosky, age 42
Negative—The messages I gleaned from the movie include:
1. Sex outside of marriage is a good thing—Superman and Lois Lane did it AND even have a son to show for it!
2. Children out of wedlock are just fine—see above.
3. Cohabitation is great—Lois Lane and her fella are living together because she does not want to marry him.
4. Lies are just fine too—Lois’ fella thinks the boy is his (he is raising him as his own). When confronted about her relationship with Superman, she lied. Hmm must be OK.
And all this from our latest superhero and his gal! Who knows what I missed because I was so taken aback.
My Ratings: Extremely Offensive / 3
Barbara Foster, age 55
Negative—I looked forward to this movie because I like Superman. I don’t get into comic book stuff but some things about Superman are standard. This movie is unsure of Superman’s powers or character. The writer’s were very confused about his physical power. In one scene he had problems stopping a 747 from crashing to earth… even though, in “Superman: The Movie”, he had no problem changing the rotation of the Earth. Later, after the 747, he had no problem lifting an entire continent with a piece of kryptonite stuck in his back. Didn’t anyone see the contradiction? Then there is his character. Superman has almost none. Superman is basically a dead-beat Dad who knocked-up Lois Lane and deserted her for 5 years. He appeared more worried about her smoking than her single-mom status. He also peeped in her windows… he’s a Peeping-Tom! She, in turn, shacked up with her boss’s nephew and, it seemed, allowed him to believe that her child was his but wouldn’t marry him. And some reviewers compared him to Christ. Are they nuts?
My Ratings: Average / 3
A Discerning Viewer, age 38
Negative—I really wrestled with putting in the offensive rating. Having seen so many films, this one actually was pretty non-offensive! In fact, I was surprised that he appeared so clean cut. It was funny though that they discarded the part of the phrase “Truth, justice and all that stuff” leaving out, “The American way”. It disturbs me that Christians are looking at this as a Christ figure. I know he appears like one, and the film even “quotes” scripture, (or close to it…—“the son is in the father”) but that doesn’t make it Christian, by any means. Does Christ have girl troubles, or does He have to go off and find Himself as the world perishes. How about Christ’s weakness? Does He have any? Or did He become weak to make us strong? I love Lex’s quote in the movie about god’s being selfish, because little god’s, spelled with little g’s are selfish. The difference is Christ empowers us, comes and lives inside of us. Superman is not a savior, in fact, he needs one.
My Ratings: Offensive / 4
Jason Stone, age 39
Negative—As explained in the film, Superman leaves Earth for five years to examine the remains of his home planet, Krypton. Taking off for five years to look at space junk seems insane. But before leaving, Superman got Lois Lane pregnant. So he basically abandoned his pregnant common-law wife. Nasty. This film has nothing to recommend it, except special effects. I wonder what DC comics was thinking of in allowing a Superman film with a script of this sort?
My Ratings: Very Offensive / 5
Thomas Dinan, age 49
Negative—…the past few years there has been a lot of Super Hero movies that were just awesome such as “Spiderman,” “X-Men 3,” and “Batman Begins.” The movie trailer wasn’t bad at all… So I expected to see something really good especially that they spent a lot on the special effects of the film. Now when I saw a USA Today article saying the blockbuster of the summer RACE “Pirates of the Caribbean vs. Superman,” I was like this is a must see this movie! So I went to go see it…

POSITIVE: Special Effects were amazing!!! I can see they spent a lot for the effects in this movie. Hmmm… That’s it.
NEGATIVE: It wasn’t what I expected at all… This movie was just missing to much. The whole directing of the movie and picture was just so dark I was like TURN THE LIGHTS on in the movie… it was really annoying to watch this movie because the whole picture was so dark! During the whole movie I was just wondering when will the story start and get exciting… It was just making you hope that it was going to get really good. See all »
My Ratings: Better than Average / 2
Philip Rood, age 18
Negative—After waiting literally years to get in line to see this long-awaited fifth installment of the Superman franchise, I can only say that I was really let down. The production qualities were excellent, and there are some wonderful action sequences, as well. However, those, in and of themselves, do not a good movie make! The story was a weak re-hash of Superman: The Movie, the cast was okay at best (Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane was miscasting at its worst), but the story itself really did injustice to the world of Superman. Superman leaves Metropolis for five years without telling a soul? Lois treats Superman like dirt when he returns, never giving him a well-deserved benefit of the doubt? Lois living-in-sin with boyfriend? Lois an unwed mother? (SPOILER ALERT!)…Superman the father of said child? And so much more… Argh! I WANTED SO MUCH to enjoy this film, but, alas I did not and cannot recommend it. …
My Ratings: Offensive / 4
Steve, age 42
Negative—…the underlying moral framework of this film is challenged by the fact that Superman has an implied illegitimate sexual encounter with Lois Lane, has a child, and then skips town for five years. Nowhere in the film is this subject broached regarding shame, remorse, guilt, or regret over their actions, or the fact that such an act was once considered immoral and sinful by the movie-going public. It is just accepted. While, overall, the movie was good Hollywood, I left disappointed in Superman, the writers, and the producers at reducing yet another pinnacle of virtue to it’s base level. Is nothing sacred anymore? What does this message tell the thousands of young people who will see this movie? Be careful what you applaud.
My Ratings: Offensive / 3
Dwight Denison, age 53
Negative—This film should have been the best superhero movie ever. It had every reason to be. I mean come on, it’s Superman, what else needs to be said? Alas, unlike the mega hit “Batman Begins,” this movie doesn’t start things over. Apparently director Bryan Singer (of X-Men fame) thought it would be better to pick up after a movie made twenty-five years ago, ignore two movies following and disregard some things that happened in the first two movies. Thus, the end result feels more like “Superman II½”, and not “Superman Returns.” Singer once stated that he never read Superman comics. It shows. The film does not go into the potential for amazing adventures that the Man of Steel should have. Instead, we get recycled plot factors, cheesy lines, pointless character additions, and a not-so-diabolical plan from Lex Luthor. About the only good things I can say are the effects are great, and Brandon Routh does a decent job filling Christopher Reeve’s shoes.

As a Christian, yes I agree sex out of wedlock is not good. But the fan in me was more disappointed with this being a mere rehash of things past. Byran Singer is stuck in Richard Donner’s shadow, and as far as Singer is concerned, Superman has no life outside of Donner’s film. That that’s not healthy. For him, or this movie. Unless Bryan steps out of Donnerworld, a new film series about the Man of Steel has nowhere to go. Except into 80’s. Because that’s sure where “Superman Returns” seems to belong.
My Ratings: Average / 3
Christopher, age 24
Comments from young people
Positive—I saw “Superman Returns” on the IMAX screen, with four select scenes in 3-D. The movie was impressive. Definitely worth seeing in theaters (especially IMAX) simply for the special effects. There were about a half dozen mild swear words and almost a half dozen uses of the Lord’s name, but nothing too major. The worst part of the film was that Lois was intimately involved with a man she was not married to, and her son was Superman’s, not that man’s. She also keeps secrets from him. Their behavior wasn’t condoned, but it certainly wasn’t put down. Lois’s dress also showed a bit of cleavage a couple times, but nothing compared to the rain scene and wrestling scene in “Spider-man” 1.

I’d say, overall, this film was far better than Spidey 1 and about as good as Spidey 2. I didn’t like it as much as “Batman Begins” though. The violence was cartoony, and there was practically no blood, but it was a bit intense at times. There was also a bizarre scene where we see a dog chewing on the bones of another dog (that we saw living not so long ago) and fur is strewn about. That scene was stupid and weird if you ask me. All the actors were pretty good, even though Brandon Routh was a bit flat a couple times. See all »
My Ratings: Average / 4
Geno, age 16
Positive—Being a HUGE Superman fan, I found this film to be absolutely, 100% incredible. And, even though I love Christopher Reeve, it definitely put the originals to shame. It had an amazing cast, director, etc. As for moral issues, it was absolutely inoffensive.
  • Profanity—there was one “hell,” one “damn,” one “crap” and one part where someone started to say the “s-h-” word, but got cut off. And I caught nothing about the Lord’s name being used in vain.
  • Sex—None. There are a couple of sex jokes, but they’re entirely inoffensive and mild. And if you took your child(ren) to see it, they’d go right over their head.
  • Violence—It’s Superman, of course there’s violence. But it was fairly mild and wasn’t bloody at all. I wouldn’t take anyone under 10 or 11 to see it. Some things might scare them. But if you’re a Superman fan, and even if you’re not, you should definitely see this movie. It’s rare that Hollywood produces something this well-made and this moral, all at the same time.
My Ratings: Good / 5
Krystal, age 16
Positive—“Superman Returns” was more than I ever expected it to be. It literally soared past my expectations to the height of what Superman is truly about. Part of that is credited to the phenomenal acting of Brandon Roth, who portrayed Superman as he should’ve been in the movies previously done by George and Christopher Reeves, though others may disagree, depending on how well they enjoyed the Superman movies. Superman was shown as more than a keeper of justice and the patriotic symbol of this country. In my eyes, he seemed more like Christ than any other hero I’ve seen. First similarity between Kal-El and Christ is that both are of a royal bloodline; Superman from the royal family of Kyrpton and Christ from his heavenly father God.

Secondly, both came down to the Earth as a savior of the people, just as Superman explained to Lois in this quoted scene:
Superman: “What do you hear?” (They are up far above the Earth)
Lois: “Nothing.”
Superman: “I hear everything. You said that people don’t need a savior? I hear people crying out for one.”

Just as Superman came as a hero and savior to the people of the American continent, Christ came as a savior to rescue us from our own sins and from the law. Thirdly, Superman, like Christ, was also the protector between the people and his enemies. There’s a scene where two policemen are about to get shot by one of Lex Luthor’s henchmen. Just as the bullets are about kill the two men, Superman intervenes the bullets with his body, similar to Christ standing between us and Satan when he tries to kill us with his own weapons of demoralization and deception. See all »
My Ratings: Excellent! / 5
The Writer, age 17
Positive—I was waiting to see this film for a while. …I am glad I went to see it! The movie was really intense. Some parts were blaah though. I was disappointed in the script in some areas. I like “Smallville”… Lex is okay, but he isn’t as good as the one in “Smallville”. The idea of the mountain in the ocean was kinda dumb. Him being able to steal the crystals in the cave or even touch them made no sense. In “Smallville” nobody can touch them, and surely they can’t be cut with a saw made from a Earth blade. Adding water would not make them grow or else they would all be huge in the icy area they were at! But the movie was very good. The script wasn’t as good as I would have expected. …I was entertained by the movie but expected more. “Spiderman” and “X-Men” movies focused more on the characters than this movie did. …a good movie overall. It in my opinion could have done WAY better, and if they make a sequel I hope it has a better script. If you like Superman go see it!
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Austin Ziegenfuss, age 17
Positive—I loved this movie! I think it was very intense in some places, and I wouldn’t recommend it to children under seven years old. I really love the way that the movie could be applied to the Bible, as other comments suggested. The only bad thing was the cursing (maybe about five times?) and the (suggested, not shown) sex out of marriage. It was like a comic book and chick flick rolled into one. I really did enjoy it, and would DEFINITELY watch it again and again (but next time with a foul language filter—LOL!)
My Ratings: Better than Average / 4
Kitty, age 13
Negative—I just watched this movie with a group of my friends the other night and I have to admit I was disappointed and not really impressed. First of all on the entertaining side, I found the movie very slow and dull. The plot was not very exciting, and it took way too long for the movie to progress. I also found the beginning somewhat confusing until they explained it somewhat later in the movie. Now on the spiritual side I was actually quite offended. After reading other comments on the movie I have to admit there was much imagery of Christ and His life and resurrection that I hadn’t even noticed while watching the film, but there obviously is still no comparison from Superman to Christ. Also I believe there were a few times when our Lord’s name was used in vain, but I have to admit the cursing was definitely a minimum. The main thing from this movie though that really ticked me off was their insinuation that Lois Lane and Superman had premarital sex resulting in a child, then Lois had premarital sex with her fiance, and the movie makes it look like that’s fine and no problem, when in real life if the fiance found out he would probably leave Lois, and it would be a mess. Plus, as a Christian I know that it’s a sin to have premarital sex.
My Ratings: Average / 2
Noel Bartnick, age 14
Positive—…after watching the previews to this movie, I was prepared to be disappointed. I did, however, take a couple of my friends to IMAX to see this movie on my birthday, and I was presently surprised. This movie was GREAT!!! and definitely worth the money of going and seeing. Although I did have a problem with the scene where Lois Lane gets tossed around in a plane and bangs her head multiple times, yet still gets up and just walks aways; that seemed a little unreal to me. Everything else though was just spot on, and the christian points (Jor-El talking about sending his only son, and Superman talking about hearing the world cry out for a savior, etc.) in the movie were very apparent, which I liked, and the moviemaking quality (especially Superman’s flying parts) was amazing. All in all, I would say that if your a Superman fan, go see this movie you won’t be disappointed!
My Ratings: Better than Average / 4
Sarah, age 16
Negative—Snore… Need I say more? The movie was the first four jammed into one. There was nothing original about it at all. I was fortunate to get a free pass to this film from a friend. Thank goodness. The movie’s opening was long, drawn out, and boring. It opens with a quote from the first Superman and then goes into the exact same style of credits the old movies had (with the exact same music). I felt like I was watching an old Star Trek film. …The acting was decent, but in my opinion Dean Caine (“Louis and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”) would’ve made a far better Superman. This new soap star they have seems to imitate Christopher Reeves in just about every aspect. He doesn’t seem real at all, not even as Clark Kent. Not only that, the dialogue was dumb. A TV reporter from the Daily Planet’s TV program states, 'Reports have come in from Metropolis, Los Angeles, Gotham, and even Shanghai that Superman has returned. Okay, we went from all American cities to Chinese cities without so much as a thought.

The story wasn’t even original. Lex Luthor was just after real estate again, creating a continent made of Kryptonite (Superman’s weakness, but the big man in tights somehow pushes it into space). It’s a shame really, because the characters had so much potential that they waste it on this dumb plot. Okay, morally wise, Louis Lane is living with the supposed father of her child, great. They are obviously intimate. I counted seven cuss words after being told there was none. One thing good is that evil is shown as evil, and good is shown as good. Summary: You’re better off spending your money on Superman: The Animated Series Volumes 1-2 or Justice League Seasons 1-2. Tim Daily and George Newberry do far better as the voice of Superman. The plots in the episodes are better than this movie anyway.
My Ratings: Average / 2
Jacob Airey, age 17
Positive—This was a great movie!!! It only had a couple of sexual scenes like when Superman took the reporter on a very awkward flight. Overall, it was a good movie with an excellent story line; I wouldn’t recommend it for children under the age of 8.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 4
Luke, age 13
Neutral—An enjoyable film with great special effects and fantastic action sequences. However, there were several bits in between the action that caused me some concern. Firstly, I feel that the fact that the relationship between superman and Lois Lane was morally questionable. Secondly, the powers that superman possess seem very questionable and many of my friends have tried to copy these powers often causing them to say or do very immoral things. I feel that parents should certainly be careful when taking younger children to view this film. In terms of language the film was acceptable and so were the levels of nudity and violence. Overall, the film was enjoyable, however, there were elements of the film that I would morally question.
My Ratings: Average / 4
Mike Hunt, age 17
Neutral—I thought this movie was extremely boring!!! It had no original plot. The effects were nothing out of this world, and the acting was average. I would definitely not see it again!! Save your money!!
My Ratings: Average / 3
Natalia, age 15