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Christian Film/Video Producers…

Cloud Ten Pictures
Dave Christiano Films
DRC Productions
Eternal Productions
Films for Christ
God's Story Project
The Jesus Film Project
Mars Hill Productions
Messenger Films
Signal Hill Pictures
World Wide Pictures
8X Entertainment
Barefoot Road
Big Idea Productions
Crusader Entertainment (Epiphany Films)
Faith Television Network
Jenkins Entertainment
Jeremiah Films
Ken Anderson Films
Lock Horn Limited
Moody Films
Namesake Entertainment
Norris Films
Pure Communications
Testimony Pictures
Top Secret Productions

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When Biblically-based scripts are well-crafted and combined with good direction, acting, photography, sound and music--and bathed in prayer--the results can be tremendous, reaching deep into people’s hearts.

Movies for Therapy

Movies can also be used for therapy for various emotional issues. They can open up dialog and be therapeutic—helping people see root issues, themselves, or others in a new light. Use our unique, topical list in our Movies for Therapy site.

A sampling of Christian films or videos that can be used for evangelism…


  • Scene from Road to RedemptionThe Home Coming —a high school bad boy learns that life is most fulfilled with Christ. A comedic story of forgiveness and acceptance.

  • Road to Redemption—“…for those who know the Lord, or are open to straightforward spiritual Truth, this film delivers on its promise. Not only by offering a clear road to redemption, but by tendering one of the wittiest, smartest, most-colorful scripts to come out of the Christian community in a long, long time…” —Plugged In, Focus on the Family


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Bible & Theology

  • Are You Going to Heaven?—"We have used this video in our counseling sessions with young women in crisis and have had great response. Just this afternoon, a young mother of four prayed to ask Jesus into her heart after watching it. Her comment was that the video answered a lot of her questions and put it all together so she could understand." --Mary H.

  • God's Story—"…an excellent tool! …I have used this video: 1) through my church to help in classes where new believers or those interested in Christianity get an overview of the Bible and an understanding of salvation, 2) outreach in my community with local international students and families (in their own language like Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, and others)…" --KJ

  • The Hope—"…Without question, The Hope is the most powerful presentation of the gospel on video that we have ever seen. Where the Jesus film has introduced millions worldwide to the life and message of Jesus, The Hope is set to supplement that by giving an overall view of the timeline of history on Earth…" --Ken James

  • Jesus—easily the most widely circulated Christian film ever produced. Focuses on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ with the words taken straight out of the Gospel of Luke.

  • Jesus of Nazareth—"…perhaps the most detailed depiction of the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that has ever been filmed …I highly recommend this film to anyone who wishes to see a beautiful and respectful dramatization of the life of Christ. Only, I wouldn't exactly recommend this to unsaved people unless you explain to them certain scenes…" --Kelvin C.

  • My Heart-Christ's Home—discipleship related information

  • What's a Christian?—British evangelist Ian Knox explains what Christianity is, how to become a follower of Christ, and what steps to take after choosing to become a Christian

For Catholics

  • Messages From Heaven—"Very eye opening! I was impressed with the amount of research this film had put into it. As a protestant, I have never followed these sightings of the Virgin Mary and had no idea what some of these manifestations taught. There is some very anti-biblical messages present and it is certainly fascinating to see how these seemingly 'Christian' happenings could work into biblical end-times prophecy!" --TC

Evangelism, General

  • Go For It!—featuring British evangelist Ian Knox, this 2 hour video shows why sharing Christ is important and how to go about doing it

  • The Evidence Video—Ray Comfort presents concise answers to some of the most common “stumper” questions Christians are often faced with

  • One Life—a thought-provoking look at some of life's most basic and common mysteries: our purpose, direction, the human body, birth, children, and more

  • Somewhere Forever—discussion starter hosted by Jim Shetler that illustrates the point that we can never earn our own salvation. 17 min.

  • Three Days that Changed the World—a look at the true meaning of the Resurrection and Easter celebration. 25 min.

  • Tinsel and Truth—a look at the true meaning of Christmas. 10 min.

  • Countdown to Eternity—"…one of the most powerful and compelling examples of biblical authentication through prophecy that I've ever seen…" --Roger Oakland

  • Startling Proofs and Prophecies—"…This fascinating information will equip you to witness effectively to your friends that your belief in God is based as much on logic as faith…" --Grant R. Jeffrey

  • The Case for Creation

  • ORIGINS: How the World Came to Be—"…Because the theory of evolution has turned thousands away from faith in Christ, this series should be a staple component of every church's video library. It provides a tremendous defense for the trustworthiness and infallibility of God's Word. Informative and awe-inspiring." --Dale & Karen Mason

  • A Question of Origins

  • The World that Perished—"…This near timeless film is an excellent apologetic for the accuracy and trustworthiness of the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Viewers will marvel at many of the faith-strengthening evidences presented. Excellent evangelistic conclusion…" --Dale & Karen Mason


  • The Appointment—a mysterious stranger drops off a message to a businesswoman that in 8 days she will die. She must face the possibility that the stranger is correct. Where will she end up after death?

  • Beloved Enemy—"…impacted my life in ways that I did not recognize at the time--one being the Biblical principle of maintaining a stand not to marry an unbeliever no matter how attractive, intelligent and appealing that potential partner might be, as was the male star in this movie; and secondly, that when a scientist or anyone seeks truly to find truth, that road eventually leads to God and His irrefutable knowledge and love…" --Lee C.

  • Ben-Hur—"…Overall, the film's message of peace through salvation in Christ makes this a wonderful film and a testimony to non-believers …I highly recommend it…" --Kevin B.

  • The Bridge—includes three parables, all under 15 minutes each, that illustrate spiritual truth and foster discussion

  • Carman the Champion—"…I was disappointed in this movie. As a friend said after the movie, 'They missed both audiences.' If they were aiming for the Christian audience they were offended by unnecessary scenes. If it was a secular audience, there was nothing there to hold them…" --Jeb A.Poster art for 'The Climb'

  • The Climb—"…If you ever wanted to take a non-Christian friend to a movie that can open up dialog to share your faith, this would be that film. 'The Climb' has enough male testosterone action to keep a viewers attention, while still sharing the peace and benefits of a life dedicated to Christ…" --Joel U.

  • Con Quien te Vas?—In Spanish with English subtitles. "Truly powerful performances with a strong, redemptive, realistic storyline. Great for both English readers and Spanish speakers. Of the dozens of Christian films I've seen, this is in my top five favorites." --Ken James

  • The Crossing—a young man comes back from the dead to show his seeking friend what the love of Christ is all about

  • End of the Harvest—Tension builds as a group of Christians prepares to meet the challenge of a campus philosophy club filled with atheists bent on humiliating them. One Christian is eager to share, but fails to prepare properly, is out of fellowship with God and is motivated by a desire for revenge, rather than love. A more mature believer knows the answers needed to defeat the skeptics, but is sadly hesitant to share his faith.

  • Escape From Hell—"Excellent movie. Really makes you think about the lost souls that have no idea of what they are heading for and really makes you want to witness more…" --Vickie

  • Final Exit—a thought-provoking drama about whether or not one can earn their way to heaven

  • The Harvest-- a modern day parable that encourages Christians to share their faith with others

  • Invisible Enemies—"This timely hard-hitting film brings up many excellent discussion points about the spiritual world. Is there a hell? Who does the Christian belong to? Can God forgive someone who has done such terrible things? How can one be prepared for spiritual battle?" --Ken James

  • Late One Night—"…more evangelistic than many other Christian films out there [with] several layers of the gospel message being presented. Highly recommended…" --Ken James

  • Lay It Down—"…excellent …presents the Gospel in a clear way that grabs the viewer's attention. It doesn't mince words and the name and teachings of Jesus are mentioned throughout the movie…" --Paul S., Jr.

  • Life FlightM10.28—"This is an intense discussion starter drama about 3 girls who attend a party which turns out to be a nightmare! For a secular audience and a lukewarm group, this movie will grab people's attention and be a wake up call to any viewer. Eternity is coming. You go to heaven or hell. And Jesus Christ is the only answer to make sense of life."

  • Mercy Streets—"…I would enthusiastically bring any of my non-Christian friends to this movie. It focuses on the reality of life and has an awesome message of forgiveness, yet makes sure not to cram it down your throat…" --Seth M.

  • The Prosecutor—"A very interesting twist on the resurrection story of Jesus Christ, this film is set in modern times and played out like it just happened two years ago. A good cast and good writing by Barry Zoeller makes this video an effective evangelistic tool. It is interesting to watch and well done."

  • The Ride

  • Ropa Nueva Para Filipe—a Spanish film (with English subtitles) that follows the life of Filipe, a poor teen who is expected to die imminently. The hope and healing he finds sets him free.

  • Shattered—"…I was blown away. It wowed me and it left an imprint in my mind …very mysterious from the beginning and holds your attention all the way to the end …good for anyone to see and it sure can give even the best of Christians a wake up call." --Cassandra Q.

  • The Silver Belt—a classic story of a Navajo boy who comes to believe in Jesus Christ thanks to a missionary and a missing silver belt

  • Something to Sing About—"…has enough story, action, and especially good music to keep you interested from start to end…real and likeable…a much needed film that expresses the truth that Christ accepts us where we're at despite our mistakes. That he loves us no matter what and desires to see us come into a love relationship with him…" --Ken James

  • A Vow to Cherish—"…a beautifully well-made movie [that] never loses its emotional and soulful impact… a clear theme [that] God does not gives us anything that we cant handle…" --John D.

  • Waterproof—"…a wonderful, heartwarming movie that brings together the realities of life without forgiveness and the way to redemption… for anyone dealing with the pain and shame of trying to live life with something that needs to be taken care of…" --Kristi G.

  • Who is Jesus?—excerpted from “The Visual Bible”, this 22-minute presentation gives an overview of Christ's life and climaxes with a pointed question to the viewer: "Who do YOU say that I am?"

  • The Window—"…possesses many strengths often lacking in Christian cinema: strong acting, technical quality (shot on film instead of video), and a powerful message… The most appropriate audiences may include those whose lives are hard and without hope: the prisoner, the stranger, the single parent, and the hurting." --Ken James

  • Without Reservation—several teens wake up immediately after an auto accident to find that they are in a supernatural waiting area where it will be determined their final destination: Heaven or Hell. One of the teens is a Christian who had the opportunity to tell his friends about Christ but didn't.


  • Apocalypse—"…Even though I found it of terrible [technical] quality, its message is loud and clear. Excellent evangelistic message promoting the gospel truth…" --Chan P.The Gathering—"…a top movie and will be used by my wife and I to evangelize our neighborhood/family… What a great tool for evangelism; straight down the line… couldn't fault it and loved every minute! I thought the movie quality was excellent." --Alister C., Australia

  • Judgment—"Minus the lack of quality acting and low-budget movie sets, 'Judgment' was an ok film… could have been put together with more compelling dialogue and action sequences." --Guardian

  • Left Behind: The Movie—"…made my heart ache for all those who have not accepted Christ, leaving them to face the tribulation period. I have made plans to show the movie in our church, to encourage people to not only see the movie, but buy the movie. I plan on buying movies for several family members as Christmas presents…" --J. Luhter

  • The Moment After—"…[lacks] the action and intensity that goes into a real good suspense thriller. Is it a good evangelistic tool? You better believe it. It gives people a chance to see what happens if you accept Jesus love or reject it. The Moment After's theme is clear…" --John D.

  • The Omega Code—"…While the quality of the filmmaking was commendable including the special effects and graphics, the content was muddled and confusing …I don't think this movie even came close to establishing to the secular world about what end-time prophesy is really all about and to Christians it misses the mark as well…" --Donna K.

  • Revelation—"I really liked this one. Much better acting and [quality] than 'Apocalypse' [first in the series]… a very strong impact [with a] great message!…" --Kim

  • Tribulation—"…enjoyable, but please, view it first before you show it to anyone else. I found myself embarrassed viewing this fairly far-out story with my parents. This is not the conservative 'most likely' scenario you'll find in 'Left Behind'…" --Wade O.

  • Vanished—a docudrama from John Hagee that explains the end-times, Biblical prophecy being fulfilled today, and more


  • The Daylight Zone—"The first film from the Christiano Brothers is a unique twist on the old TV series 'Twilight Zone'. Carl Smith stops off at a hot dog stand and argues his case with three Christians that Jesus Christ didn't exist. As Carl begins his drive home, he is forced to take a detour along some old country roads…and unknown to him, has just entered into the Daylight Zone."

  • Deceived—"…acting was excellent and the story was very intense, exciting, and suspenseful…[but] the gospel message fell somewhat to the wayside… gave a strong message about the sinfulness of human beings and mans desire to be his own master, while showing that there is hope in Christ to be delivered from deceptive sin and lies of the devil…" --Joel M.

  • Megiddo (The Omega Code II)—“…While this was indeed a good movie, it was not entirely biblical …lacking in many areas of truth. They needed to focus more on Jesus and the true aspects of Revelation…” —Gina A.

True-life Stories

  • The Cross and the Switchblade—features the life of David Wilkerson in NYC and the conversion of gang leader Nicky Cruz

  • Forgiven

  • A Place Called Home—follows the stories of six individuals who have come to Christ from difficult situations (including Charles Colson)

  • Rescatados del Infierno—in Spanish, this series of stories features several individuals who have been “rescued from hell” and now follow after Christ

  • Shout for Joy—"The story of Rick Irons is told in this evangelistic drama which features his quest for a surfing championship in Hawaii to how he came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This film has a good cast and some excellent surfing photography. Also, the man that befriended Rick and led him to Christ is a good example of the patience and understanding of a Christian."