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Movies as Therapy

Motion pictures can provide more than entertainment; they can be therapeutic—helping people see themselves, others or issues in a new light. They can open up productive dialog.

This list of topics has been compiled from suggestions received from various Christians. It includes both secular and Christian films. Hollywood films are easier to obtain, but require more discernment. We urge you to read our reviews and, if you have a sensitive situation, view the video before prayerfully deciding which to use.

Bitterness / Despair
Anxiety Disorders
(heeding God's calling on your life)
Personal Responsibility / Self-reliance
Laziness (hard work)
Blended Families
Peer Pressure
For children…
Couples Communication
(mature married love)
Men's Issues
Men's Sexual Addictions
Homosexuality (male)
Trusting God
For children:
Respect for the Bible—for kids
(eternal salvation by God’s grace)
Fear and Phobias
For children…

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Severe Illness
Loss and Grief
New Age Movement

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