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Suggestions on how to pray
about terrorist attacks and the war on terrorism

Though we are faced with difficult situations, start with praise. Focus on God's divine character. Praise God that He is sovereign, that He has ultimate control over all, and that nothing takes Him by surprise (Isaiah 45:5-7).

On behalf of yourself and others, ask God for a passion and love for Christ that DRIVES OUT FEAR (1 John 4:18).

God of faithfulness, we come to You in anguish
after the targeted attacks on our nation.
We are filled with anxieties and questions.
What words of supplication
can we bring before You,
what prayer, what deeds?

God, we need Your grace
to center our minds and settle our hearts.
We need Your hope
to sustain our passion for justice
and our will to be peacemakers.
We need Your wisdom to help us recognize
Your presence dwelling within us
and within every being You have made.
We need Your courage
to live as children of light, hope and love,
putting away all darkness, fear and hatred.

Take from us all longing for vengeance.
Fill us with compassion for victims of violence
throughout the world.
Give us a love that is not withheld
even from our enemies.
Grant that our leaders may act justly.

Be with us in our prayer.
Help us to truly believe,
not only in Your abiding presence,
but also in the power of prayer
to move mountains.

Pull us from the grasp of violence.
Guide our steps in Your way of peace.

There are many people to keep in your prayers, including, but not limited to, the following:

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