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Power Rangers

MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, language, and for some crude humor.

Reviewed by: Samuel A. Torcasio

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Teens Adults
Superhero Sci-Fi Action Adventure
2 hr. 4 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
March 24, 2017 (wide—3,500+ theaters)
DVD: June 27, 2017
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Featuring: Elizabeth BanksRita Repulsa, an alien invader, a 65-million-year-old former Green Ranger, who has gone rogue
Bryan CranstonZordon, mentor of the Power Rangers, and original ancient Red Ranger
Dacre Montgomery … Jason Lee Scott / The Red Ranger, leader of the Power Rangers
Becky G. … Trini / The Yellow Ranger
Naomi Scott … Kimberly Hart / The Pink Ranger
Ludi Lin … Zack Taylor / The Black Ranger
RJ Cyler … Billy Cranston / The Blue Ranger
Caroline Cave … Beverly Scott
Bill HaderAlpha 5, robot assistant of Zordon (voice)
David Denman … Sam Scott, Jason’s father
Emily Maddison … Rebecca
Sarah Grey … Amanda
Fiona Vroom … Abigail
Patrick Sabongui … Mr. Kwan, Trini's father
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Director: Dean Israelite—“Project Almanac” (2015)
Producer: Lionsgate
Saban Brands
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Distributor: Lionsgate

In its first few seasons “Power Rangers” was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I can remember watching it every day and then acting out the episodes with my siblings on the weekend. So, one reason, at least, for me seeing this new reboot was pure nostalgia.

The story flows pretty nicely. There are definitely some plot holes, but that’s somewhat expected from a movie based on a 1990’s teen superhero show. All of the actors had good performances. In the first half of the film, there is a fair amount of character development and impressive depth to the interaction between the five leads. I think the filmmakers did a fine job of getting the audience to care about the characters. The last 30 minutes or so of the film has a great deal of action and is pretty much an episode of “Power Rangers” updated, of course.

One thing I definitely want to commend the filmmakers on is making the plot simple. With who knows how many seasons of the TV series, they had a lot of potential elements to work with. The temptation to try and overload it with all sorts of characters and references here and there must have been hard to resist. This has been done in the past with superhero films, and it rarely turns out well (case in point: “Batman and Robin,” “Spiderman 3”).

They kept it simple, which allowed them to concentrate on their main characters, and to focus on the one major villain, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks). The character of Rita, by the way, has been reimagined for this film with a new backstory and agenda. It was creatively done, I thought, and executed well by Elizabeth Banks. As a word of caution, please note that the new Rita is quite dark (much darker than the TV version) and may be disturbing for kids.

Though I am happy, overall, with the simple story, and its not being over jammed with too much, anyone who remembers Goldar from the TV show must be a bit disappointed. The new Goldar has zero personality. The old Goldar definitely had a personality, and was at times even a source of great comic relief. You have to see both takes to know the striking difference. Film writers, if you do a sequel, could you somehow bring back at least some of the old Goldar?

That said, though, the fight scene at the end between Goldar and the Rangers is a pretty good old-fashioned style Power Rangers battle. Nothing terribly fantastic, but true to form, action packed, and entertaining. What more can we expect?

Worldview analysis

A Darwinian Evolutionary model is clearly the construct in which this film is set. Of course, that’s sort of the default view of pretty much any secular movie, but, in this case, things such as the Earth being around for 65 million years are plainly stated. That said, there is not a whole lot of talk or promotion of that worldview. But, Bible-believing parents should know this, if they are going to let their children view this film, and they need to be ready to respond with the biblical perspective on Creation (though I don’t think that Christians should let their kids see this film, for other reasons that will become evident later in this review). Children may ask questions, especially because most are fascinated with dinosaurs (as I was!), and this movie has pretty cool dinosaur robots.

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The Great Dinosaur Mystery On-lineVisit our dinosaur-size Web site where you’ll discover a mountain of knowledge and amazing discoveries.

The film does promote some virtuous ideals in line with Scripture, such as not doing things for selfish personal gain, not starting and escalating fights, being unified, putting others above yourself and even being will to die for one another. These are indeed true and noble things. Such ideals may come in part from the influence of the Christian worldview on society, but I would say that, fundamentally, they come from the fact that God made man in His image (Gen 1:26-27; 9:6). Humans innately know what is good and right, because they have been created in the likeness of their Maker, God. We know that it is right for good to triumph over evil, and we hope for that to happen one day; as Christians, we have assurance from God’s Word that it will!.

However, this image has been distorted. We can see that both in life, and in the movies that reflect life. At one point in this film, a character confesses to another that she has done something that she regrets. The other character responds by saying that “doing an awful thing doesn’t make you an awful person.” This reflects how many people look at wrongdoing, that is sin. They see sins as just independent acts coming from people that are inherently good. But, the Scriptures teach that sinful acts are the outflow of a sinful heart (Matthew 15:19). Bad deeds come from a corrupt center. Human beings have been corrupted by sin. By the Great Flood judgment, people became absolutely corrupted to where they only did and thought evil. Earth is not that fully depraved yet, but the Holy Scriptures do teach that human beings are so pervasively corrupted by sin that everything they do is affected by it (Romans 3:9-20).

Even man’s best deeds have been tainted by sinful motives (Isaiah 64:6). The view that man is basically good, and only messes up from time to time, is promoted by the world—and is wrong and dangerous belief. It is dangerous because it causes man to place hope in himself for salvation. Some men and women may acknowledge they need some help from God or even Jesus, but if they are placing any hope or stock in themselves at all, they do not truly understand the seriousness of their plight. Man is NOT basically good—just needing Jesus to fill in the gap (the practical belief of many nominal christians). A person needs to understand that they are pervasively corrupt, if they are ever to fully acknowledge their sin, repent and place their hope in the only real and true solution. The Law of God helps man to see the depth of his depravity (Romans 7:7-13). A man or woman’s only hope is to put their full trust in the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, who died as a substitute for sinners, and who rose again to give them new life (John 14:6; Acts 13:38-39; Romans 5:6-11; 6:1-10; 7:24-25; 10:9-13).

Some may think that the “very offensive” rating is too strong for this film, but I think it is necessary due to the amount of sexual innuendo and inappropriate content present in the film (see below under objectionable content). Especially for a film that appeals to kids, I believe a strong warning needs to be sounded. Children are impressionable, and there are just too many red flags in this film. Even one instance of innuendo can stay in the mind for years. We must not underestimate its damaging effects. Such content is not only harmful but absolutely unnecessary.

Objectionable content

Profanity and vulgarity includes: Oh my G*d (10), My G*d (1), G*d (1), h*ll (3), sh** (7) (one time preceded by bull, the other by holy), and as* (4). One of the characters yells mother f…, but stops himself before fully saying it.

Violence: There are disturbing death images in connection with Rita Repulsa, and there are scenes of bullying and much violence, earning its PG-13 rating.

Sexual content includes: • implication of masturbating a bull • girl strips down to her underwear • cleavage shown • The teens are asked if they’ve ever morphed before. Jokingly, Jack says yes, but only in the shower. • a deed mentioned earlier that one of the character regrets is a photo text, and while we don’t know what it was, it seems it was something sexual

LGBTQ activists know that lightly inserting their agenda content into enjoyable and disarming movies that YOUR TEENS will watch is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE in achieving their goals than trying to get most non-LGBTQ parents to show their kids full-force LGBTQ propaganda and eroticism movies (although plenty of the later are produced). This same tactic is very effectively used by Liberals, lightly including the message that nudity, casual sexual activity among teens, fornication or/and adultery are “totally normal and acceptable,” not sins that are actually very dangerous and lead to broken lives and more evil.

There is a scene where it is heavily implied that one of the Rangers has embraced homosexuality. The media is highlighting this fact, calling her the first openly Gay superhero. The film doesn’t actually come right out and say that, but it is strongly implied, fully intentional, and the Director acknowledges that this. In a movie that appeals to kids, parents have to be ready with answers. Even if they don’t allow their kids to see the film, they will likely hear about this character at school or through the media.

There are biblical answers for this. Scripture is clear that homosexuality is a sin, but it is also equally clear that it is not a sin too strong for the Gospel (1 Cor 6:9-11). Jesus Christ came to save all sinners who will turn to Him. Christians need to be truthful about this matter, but also compassionate and loving to those who are struggling with this sin, or any other sin. We are to offer them hope in the Gospel. We must not believe Satan’s lie that the Gospel is not powerful enough to change a person struggling with this sin. The Gospel is God’s power to save anyone who believes and repents, and it has the power to break every kind of sin (Romans 1:16; 6:11-14).

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• What about Gays needs to change? Answer

One other thing to mention is a rather odd scene I’m not sure how to interpret. In the midst of the action, there is a group of nuns driving in a vehicle singing “Go Tell It on the Mountain.” Some may find this misplaced and offensive (as if it’s mocking christianity), so it’s worth mentioning.


The movie was somewhat enjoyable, and an interesting take on the Power Rangers that I could surely see developing into a saga of films. This, however, is not a must see, by any means. And due to the content mentioned above, let me state clearly that I do not think children and even teens should see this film. Further, there is nothing about the film’s message that is so thought-provoking or redeeming that it overrides the offensive content, even for an adult. Parents, if your kids do happen to see this film, be ready to go over the content discussed here with a loving and gentle heart and answers from the Word of God.

Violence: Heavy / Profanity: Moderate / Sex/Nudity: Moderate

See list of Relevant Issues—questions-and-answers.

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Comments below:
Positive—I found this movie enjoyable with a decent plot and good acting. In fact, the beginning of the movie was reminiscent of “The Breakfast Club.” I found very little content that was objectionable for this type of movie. There was almost no profanity, the only sexual content was a girl in very modest underwear before jumping into a lake, and there was a mention of bullying and the after effect of such behavior. There was also the two mentions of innuendo, which were mild and would likely go right over small children’s heads.

If you’re worried of a non biblical worldview, I’d be less afraid of the comment of the Earth being 65 million years old and more concerned that all life would be destroyed if the “magical” stone were ripped out of the ground, but this is a sci-fi after all. See all »
My Ratings: Moral rating: Better than Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
James Carpenter, age 46 (USA)
Positive—Honestly, I feel the media has been blowing up this whole gay thing WAY outta proportion just to cast light and attention to themselves. The so called “homosexual” scene in question is when the Rangers are trying to get to know each other more. When they question one particular secluded character, Trini, they ask her about her relationships. They ask “boy trouble, girl trouble?” This is just implied, as they don’t know a thing about her. She doesn’t even respond to the question, only talks about her trouble relating to her parents or them understanding her, which is a serious issue all parents and teenagers face. Ultimately, it’s up to your own interpretation of the character, but it does open good opportunities for both parents and teens to talk. Cautious parents can talk before or after the movie so as their kids will understand the context. See all »
My Ratings: Moral rating: Better than Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
Joshua, age 28 (USA)
Positive—I honestly loved this movie. As a kid who grew up in the 90s and watched “Power Rangers” on TV then I felt this movie did an excellent job of staying true to the originals. It even featured the original theme song, which made me very happy. Overall, I thought it was well done, had a great story, and it was easy to follow (not overly complex). Maybe I love it more because of my childhood, but I do think it’s a great movie.

As for the content, I find it all to be relatively minor. The “gay coming out” scene only really hints at it. And, yes, there are a few rude remarks and a bit of swearing. But I really think my 10-12 year old would hear just as bad or worse stuff at soccer. We really can’t escape everything in the world, but teach our kids how to respond. This movie could only serve as a catalyst for discussion with your children about a few of the issues and the worldview presented. I’d be okay with showing this to ages 10 and up.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Better than Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
Adam D., age 24 (Canada)
Positive—I loved this movie! Great plot, interesting characters, a new take on an old idea, this movie has it all! Rita Repulsa was a bit scary, but my kids handled it pretty well after knowing she’s just Elizabeth Banks, LOL! My favorite character was Trini because she’s gay!
My Ratings: Moral rating: Excellent! / Moviemaking quality: 5
—Mary, age 45 (Switzerland—Moldovan Orthodox)
Negative—I am very disappointed in this movie. I have a 5 year old who absolutely loves the Power Rangers. Nothing like the original Power Rangers. 1st thing, they get bad kids to be the Power Rangers. 2nd, they did not need all the cussing. 3rd, they had the kids disrespecting their parents. 4th, they didn’t have to have them drinking. Just so disappointed!
My Ratings: Moral rating: Extremely Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 2
Tammy, age 46 (USA)
Negative—Oh my goodness! This movie is demonic and awful, the entire film looks more like an opener for a sequel, nothing much happens at all, and don’t get me started on the bad guy/woman, she is too over-the-top and completely demonic, along with those stupid fake gold teeth. I know there’s a reason for that, but it’s still annoying. There is nothing good about this movie. There’s the mention of bestiality, and then there’s the homosexual reference, this little girl looks about 8 years old, how on Earth would she know about her sexual orientation at such a young age…?! They should have just made her character Asexual, instead; there is no need for the lesbian stuff.

As an Asexual Christian, I truly believe that all homosexuals are just supposed to be Asexuals, and that does not mean celibate, it means not being attracted to anyone and not dating anyone and just focusing on God.

Overall, Power Rangers 2017 is horrible; I grew up watching the TV series in the 90s, which is nowhere near as bad as this movie.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Extremely Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3
Nadine, age 34 (United Kingdom)

PLEASE share your observations and insights to be posted here.

Comments from non-viewers
Neutral—When I first heard of this movie, I was mildly interested, because I liked the television series. However, when I saw the first trailer, my interest evaporated like a Megazord. For one thing, switching the ethnicities of the Rangers from what they were in the original series smelled like a steaming pile of political correctness, the Rangers” suits were way too modern, Zordon, Alpha, and Rita looked way too different from the original series, and the overall tone does NOT say Mighty Morphin” Power Rangers to me. I’m glad I decided not to waste my money on it, because a few days before its release, the director said that one of the Rangers is homosexual, which sadly is becoming a trend in cinematic photoplays, recently done in the live-action “Beauty And The Beast” (which I had so been looking forward to, and will now wait to see it On Demand for free). Christians have to take a stand against the rising tide of the homosexual lobby.
D, age 31 (USA)
Negative—…I was disappointed that the new “Beauty and the Beast” film was promoting the LGBT propaganda. Now here’s another film that I’ll have to boycott. I’m so tired of having this agenda crammed down my throat. The only way we as Christians will get this to stop is to put our money where our mouth is. If we don’t take a stand now, what will the future look like?
John Johnson, age 21 (USA)
Negative—Of course I am not watching “Power Rangers,” another movie targeting preteens with promoting Gay agenda, promiscuity, gender confusion, etc. It’s disgraceful with as many church-going Christians in America, that movies like this continue with success. Until Christians and conservatives begin to put their money where their mouth is, we’ll continue down the same trajectory as gutted Europe. Wake up America—Boycott Hollywood!!!…
Harry, age 45 (USA)