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Event Horizon

Reviewed by: David Peterson

Extremely Offensive
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97 min.
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Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, Joely Richardson / Director: Paul Anderson / Released by: Paramount Pictures

The story takes place in the year 2047, seven years after the unexplained disappearance of a deep space vessel known as the Event Horizon. After receiving distress signals from near the planet Neptune, a top secret search and rescue mission is undertaken.

Enroute, the crew of the Lewis and Clark search and rescue ship receives their mission briefing. The captain (Laurence Fishburne) informs his crew that Dr. Mier (Sam Neilson) is accompanying them as an expert consultant. The doctor proceeds to explain that they are on a mission to rescue the crew of the Event Horizon! It seems that the ship was not destroyed as had originally been proclaimed. In reality, the Event Horizon was the first ship ever designed that was capable of light-speed travel, by “bending” or “folding” space. On her maiden voyage, the Event Horizon had disappeared when attempting to use a special magnetic core for the first time. Now that she was back, it was clear that she had not been destroyed, but that she had been somewhere.

Once docked with the Event Horizon, a rescue team is sent aboard. After making a number of incredibly gruesome discoveries, it is determined that the crew is dead. During the search, a shock wave set off by the magnetic core of the Event Horizon disables the Lewis and Clark forcing the entire crew to take refuge aboard the Event Horizon while repairs are being made.

It becomes clear at this point that things are not normal aboard the Event Horizon. The ship has not traveled great distances, but to another dimension. And it has been changed. It seems to be “alive” itself and bent upon evil of the most ghastly kind. Dr. Mier becomes “possessed” by the ship and attempts to keep the crew from leaving, while they (of course) make every effort to leave.

The rest of the film consists almost entirely of unbelievably horrible, graphic depictions of torture, mutilation, cannibalism, dismemberment, etc.

I cannot stress enough that the portrayals of violence are the worst I have ever seen. Many are so UNSPEAKABLY GROTESQUE that it is difficult to imagine how someone could have conceived of them. During one scene of repulsive imagery, there is also female nudity thrown in to make the perversion complete.

The mediocre science fiction elements are not worth the defilement that comes from the rest of the film. I am ashamed that I saw this film, and even more ashamed that I didn’t get up and leave when these dreadful elements began. Christians are commanded to be “innocent in what is evil,” (Rom. 16:19). I would highly caution you if you are considering seeing “Event Horizon”.

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Viewer Comments
…The more accurate the portrayal of hell, the less likely non-Christians will leave the theater without thoughts of their eternal standing in the universe on their minds. From a Christian standpoint it is awful, but from a horror and sci fi lover’s standpoint it was well made. And from an unbeliever’s standpoint, it may be the catalyst that finally sends them scurrying towards God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. My Ratings: [1/4½]
J.Baity, age 16
I just saw this movie on cable a few days ago. I wish I had read your review before hand! Event Horizon was one disgusting flick! I was drawn to it because I like science fiction. But, this movie is in a class by itself. The poor crew (except for two, and three if you count the captain who chose to remain with the “resurrected” Weir character) got completely, wiped out, I mean, they never had a chance! Obviously, this movie was not written by devout believers. If it had been, I think that there would have been at least a few believers on the ship, and the evil on board the ship would have been sent packing with a hearty “I bind you in the name of Jesus… hit the road, Satan!.” In any case, I intend to be more discriminating in what I see in the future.
Maurice Bryant
When I went to see Event Horizon, I was a huge movie buff. I’d watch anything! And I never felt bad about it. This movie was great for me. The cool gore scenes, awesome effects, and horrific plot made it unbeatable. Then, while attending Life ’98 (an enormous christian conferance), I felt deeply convicted about it and other movies I had seen. When I got home, I threw the video away. STAY AWAY! This movie glorifies murder, torture, satan, evil, etc. No one should see this movie. Especially children. The twisted pictures of UTTER pain aren’t even fit for words. DON’T WATCH IT! If your looking for a bit cleaner version of Event Horizon, don’t waste your time! Nothing could be clean AND compare to it!
Bobby T, age 15
…As far as being demonic you are sort of true. I saw it as an evengelical film. The gross pictures of the other dimension named in the movie hell were so true. The Bible talks about hell as beeing the nashing of teeth and torture day and night. Exactly what happened to the crew. The captain can be looked at as a Christ figure. He stated in one part that he lost them before and he won’t lose them again. And at the end the captain sacraficed his life so that the others could survive and not be sent to hell God “lost” man at the beginning of time with the gardfen of eden. Then Christ sacraficed himself for the people not to spend all of eternity in hell. The ship is in the shape of a cross. the cross went through hell and back. Christ went though so much it was like hell. It also brings about the point of there are only two ways to go hell, or life.
This movie affected my insides a great deal. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a few days. I can only think of two reasons that Event Horizon could have such a core gripping effect. 1) its excellent special effects… 2) its theme. This movie speaks OF evil, and very effectively portrays it. It gave me a graphic glimpse of the producer’s impression of what hell might be like, and that alone was enough to scare me a great deal. More effective, it got me thinking about the reality that the unsaved will face in the Lake of Fire (Rev. 19:20) which is far worse than this!… because of the immense evil content in the show, I would recommend christians avoid viewing it at all cost. Remember, the light of the body is the eye. (Matt 6:22). Once it gets in, you can’t get it out.
Mark Lim, age 22
The movie was the worst movie I’d ever seen. I have never seen that much gore in my life. It was a terrible mistake to even think of seeing it. It brings up demonic stuff like the evil demons that roam this spacecraft. If you think it is intense, it is. I do not recommend this movie to anyone. DO NOT SEE!!!…
Camron, age 15
What I expected going into “Event Horizon” was a movie with great special effects and a plot that would perhaps intertwine aspects of “OUTLAND” with perhaps a touch of “VERTIGO”.I was very wrong. There is only one iota of inetlligence about this movie-the trailer. Why? Because it leaves “movie-goers” completely in the dark as to the real plot of the film—it is in a word—DECEPTIVE. Had Paramount followed the trend of basically “showing” the entire plot of the movie in the trailer I’m sure that there would be far less people (than there already are) going to see this movie. Be assured this is not just another horror film, it is a step too far across a line that should not be crossed…
Ian T.A.McIntosh
Both my husband and I walked out of Event Horizon when the gore and grusome depictions of torture and multilation made us feel used and filthy. Completely unecessary—save your money and see something else! I felt stunned and shocked afterwards and angry I stayed as long as I did.
Stephanie Hanson, age 39
Event Horizen was the worst movie I have ever seen. It made me feel like the devil was in the theater watching it from behind me. DON’T go see this movie unless you want nightmares or to loose sleep!!! I’m ashamed as a Christian to have seen this horrible movie. I to wished I had walked out of the movie but I stupidly thought the movie wouldn’t get worse.
Joshua, age 20
As for ER, I detest it for its content, and for its horror genre. Only the people of the world would care for films like this. As God’s children we are to be different and holy. I pray that we be not led astray because of things like this…
Scott R, age 20
DO NOT SEE THIS FILM. It was by far the worst film that I or my brothers have ever seen! If you thought that you had seen the most gross, disgusting thing… Wait 2 minutes and this director would try and top it. This movie is of NO value to Christian or non-christian. I too should have walked. Perhaps more of us doing so would send a message.
Dave Kirchner, age 35
I want to thank you for your review of “Event Horizon.” I am a major Science Fiction fan and was very much planning to see this film. But after reading your disturbingly honest review, I quickly changed my mind. Thank you for the warning! I knew before this film was released that it was to have some horror elements contained in the plot, but I was hoping the “violence” would be a little tolerable and modest to place more emphasis on the Sci-Fi elements. Well… apparently not. I hate horror films mostly, (although I have a soft spot for “Alien” and “Aliens”), and would like to see the Horror genre stay out of Sci-Fi for the most part. I’m no Christian but thanks again for your review!
I was appalled by this film. I went to see a good sci-fi movie, yet got a glimpse into hell. I was very disturbed and warn everyone not to see this movie. Do not let Satan use these warnings to lure you into viewing this film. For God’s sake as well as your own… DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
Kathy Sibley, age 41
This movie was absolutely disgusting! I too, am ashamed that I didn’t walk out of the theater. My boyfriend and I left the movie theater shaking. It is so sad and a bit scary to know that somebody actully thought of this stuff and was allowed to make a movie like this. I really think the director and the cast need prayer that God will open their eyes to this filth and let them realize that it’s wrong. And it’s also very scary to know that when it comes out on video, people will be rushing to check and recheck this movie.
Krystal Koop, age 15
We thought Event Horizon was going to be a good Sci-Fi mystery. It was probably the worst movie we have seen in a long time. I believe they were saying the space craft had some sort of “worm-hole” into Hell and back. Don’t waste time nor money on this movie!
Nannette Serra, age 55
I love a good Science Fiction movie and thought that trying out the brand spankin' new Dolby theater with the latest in sound and visuals would be a good match. Well, it disturbed me and I left within the first 10 minutes. The theater refunded my money and I saw Cop Land instead. STEER CLEAR of Event Horizion!!!
Craig Blanchette, age 29
Imagine a film somewhere between “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and “Hellraiser”. Throw in a generous portion of “Galaxy of Terror” and an almost total lack of character development, and you’ve got a really mysterious, highly graphic, totally mind-numbing film. I can’t say that Christians should abjectly aboid the flick. Parts of it can actually be educational; what better deterrent than to glimpse what’s waiting for the unfaithful? Personally, I was okay with it until about five minutes before then end when the image of a KID in Hell sprang up on the screen… There are some place you JUST don’t go…
Steve, age 26
I hate this movie. They make it seem like a good action science fiction movie,but it quickly becomes pure garbage. Movies like this are a sign of the end times for sure. Waste of money and time that’s all I know!
Steven K, age 25
Talk about graphic depictions of hell, people. This is the closest version yet! No lame Spawn stuff here… I mean a REAL depiction of hell. Unfortunately, Hollywood has gone into a medium that it shouldnt have, well,its like this: The previous crew ventured to hell(cause the ship can cross dimentions by going faster than the speed of light) and what happens to them is taped. You see them killing, disemboweling, torturing each other, its so vile,and disgusting words can’t really describe it. Anyhow, an even longer scene of hell is portrayed later on,as the present crew are trying to leave but a possessed Sam Neil(Dr.Weir) won’t let them. The first half of the movie is nothing as to what lies ahead, I am greatly dissapointed, and I don’t recommend this at all. Us Christians should stay away. I would have enjoyed this movie had the whole demonic/unecessary gore element would have not existed. Director Paul Anderson really dropped the ball on what could have been an allright movie, lets hope trash like this ends up gone from the theatres, and from our minds.
Robert, age 21
Gross and twisted, Event Horizon will sit on video store shelves as one of those long lost forgotten titles in a year or two. Easily forgotten 30 minutes after leaving the theatre. Not the kind of movie you’d take a woman of God to see on a date, guys. Pick something else… there is plenty more better than this!
Chris Utley, age 24
I, too, was tricked into seeing on what I thought was a good sci-fi movie, but I was sadly mistaken. The graphic depictions of hell as well as the excessive gore did it for me. Where I was at people left in the middle of this,as should have I! As Christians we must discern from these types of movies, we all should.
Jack, age 18
This movie demonstrated the absolute irreverence we have for the human mind. This sick and appalling film was a representation of hell; a sick and twisted viewpoint that was surprisingly gritty and harsh… The main star was satanic in origin, and unbelievably disgusting in description. This movie signifies the depths to which the human mind can portray evil and it is very scary to me that someone can actually conjure up such a deeply satanic vision for a film. As a Christian, I viewed this film in utter horror. In fact, after seeing this film, the only thing I could do was get on my knees and pray for forgiveness. This movie contained a plot scheme right out of the darkest parts of hell…
Todd Burns, age 17
“Event Horizon” should be avoided by every Christian at all costs! Having completely misjudged the previews to be a sci-fi adventure I was completely disappointed and sickened (not to mention deafened by the loudness) by the total in-your-face evil of this satanically inspired film. In short Event Horizon is a total waste of time, money, it’s not worth the film it was shot on. Yes, it is dazzling (special effects wise) but this film quickly dismisses the science and becomes pure demonic horror. It’s full of profanity, taking God’s name in vain, violence, and has nudity—but worse of all, it’s total darkness with no hope and a Dante’s Inferno vision of hell and eternal torment. There’s no happy ending here folks. Nothing redeeming in what could have been good sci-fi. It’s the exorcist in space. Shame on you Sam Neil! Shame on you Lawrence Fishburne for making such demonic total trash.
J. Anderson