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also known as “The Bible: Moses,” “Bíblia Sagrada - Moisés,” “Moisés,” “Moises,” “Bibeln: Moses,” “Die Bibel - Moses”

Reviewed by: Kevin J. Burk

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Biblical Drama
Length: 3 hr. 8 min.
Year of Release: 1995
USA Release: April 7, 1996
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The real people, places and events

Moses and the exodus—How God gave his people freedom in a land of slavery and death (in our God’s Story section)

Exodus from Egypt


Moses—The man who wanted to see God

Zipporah, wife of Moses

Miriam, sister of Moses

Aaron, brother of Moses







Red Sea

Sinai desert

the land of Midian

The Ten Commandments

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Red Sea passage


Miracles, including list of biblical miracles

Is it logical to believe that the biblical miracles really happened? Answer

“Miracles are not possible,” some claim. Is this true? Answer

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Featuring Ben Kingsley, Frank Langella, David Suchet, Christopher Lee
Director Roger Young
Producer Turner Network Television
Turner Pictures Worldwide
Nederlandse Christelijke Radio-Vereniging (NCRV)
Antena 3 Televisión
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Distributor Turner Home Entertainment

The TNT-produced “Moses” was a compelling and dramatic portrayal of a man who lead an extraordinary life, but remained very true to the Biblical picture of the man himself. Though not as glamorous or fast-moving as some recent versions of Moses’s life, I found this version to the most true to life and the truest to the Scriptures.

I will not retell the story that everyone knows so well, but will rather contrast this Moses with other portrayals. Ben Kingsley plays a Moses who stutters, feels inferior, and is laughed at by the court of the Pharaoh for not being a “true” Egyptian. Confused and tormented by his origins, he kills an Egyptian guard in anger and flees his mistakes. Finding peace for a time in Midian, Moses begs the Lord not to send him back to free the Israelites. This is a human Moses who doubts God at times, yet still presses on in faith, never knowing what the next day will bring. He endures disappointment, setback and hardship, yet perseveres to fulfill his divine mission.

This picture had terrific acting, production design and a script that did a great job accurately fitting four Old Testament books into four hours of screen time. There is disturbing violence, but no more than in the Biblical story itself. Overall, I found this picture strengthened my faith and helped make Moses more real to me as I read the Bible.

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Positive—I came across this movie last year on TBN in Houston, TX. This by far is the best biblical movie out. It keeps to the Old Testament and has more biblical accounts from Exodus portrayed than that of the movies that are currently out. There is a scene from the movie where Jethro gives Moses counsel (which I don’t see in the Bible). The issue being discussed is slavery and Jethro tells Moses that his people have traded one task master for a heavenly one. He explains: “The people can only be free once they realize that they serve God not because they have to, but because they know they are free not to. Until then, they are still slaves”.

Another moving scene is where Moses assembles the people (after purification) to hear the voice of God for themselves. The people flee in terror upon hearing the voice of God, but a few people rise up along side Moses and are filled with the Spirit of the Lord and speak the commandments of God. Through out this movie I was filled with thankfulness to God for His goodness and overwhelmed by how this movie portrays Biblical accounts from the bible. This movie is very powerful and moving in it’s portrayal of Moses from lacking confidence to his desire that everyone hear God for themselves. My Ratings: [Excellent!/4]
Robert Hernandez, age 36