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Do you have a burden for the lost? Should you? Discover what the Bible says!

Learn how to gain freedom from fear of people when witnessing, plus discover the key to finding God’s will for your life, and how to get on fire for God.

What is one of Satan’s most successful strategies in dealing with followers of Christ? Answer

What are they thinking?

How to respond to difficult questions.

How can I share my faith?

How to help people grow in Christ

  • Satan—Is he a real person that influences our world today? Is he affecting you? Answer

  • Buddhism—Why I stopped following Buddha and started following Jesus Christ? Answer

  • Are you a good person?
    Try the ultimate test.

  • Why do so many scientists endorse Evolution? Answer

  • I am perfectly content as a non-Christian. I do not believe in an afterlife and would never consider a religion so restrictive and exclusive as Christianity anyway.” Answer

  • Aren’t all religions basically the same—just different ways to the same end? Answer

  • Christianity is archaic, all religions need to adapt to the 21st century. Answer

  • You Bible-believing Christians are intolerant of other religions. Answer

  • How does archaeology conclusively demonstrate the Bible to be reliable and unique among all the holy books of world religions? Answer

  • A skeptic asks: Why should any one have to accept ancient hearsay as evidence for the existence of a god? Answer

  • A skeptic asks: If Christ’s miracles really happened, why weren’t they reported by historians? Answer

  • Fulfilled Prophecies—What messianic prophecies did Jesus Christ fulfill? Answer

  • Reincarnation: Does the Bible allow for this possibility? Answer

  • What if the cosmos is all that there is? Answer
  • Was Jesus Christ buried in the wrong tomb? Or an unknown tomb? Answer
  • Miracles—Is it LOGICAL to believe that the biblical miracles really happened? Answer

  • Sharing with Peers—How do I witness to my peers when they seem to have knowledgeable answers against all of my beliefs? Answer

  • Sharing Your Faith—Learn how to gain Freedom from Fear of Man when witnessing, plus discover the key to finding God’s will for your life, and how to get on fire for God. GO

Featured videos about evangelism
Why doesn’t Ray Comfort use the Sinner’s Prayer?
Christian Answers Team Member Ray Comfort, Living Waters
length: 6 minutes
Spurgeon on Evangelism
Christian Answers Team Member Ray Comfort, Living Waters
length: 1 minute
On being a Christian introvert
Tim Challies—author and pastor
length: 7 minutes
The uncomplicated essentials of salvation
Dr. John MacArthur Jr., The Masters University and Seminary, Grace Community Church
length: 2 minutes
Unpopular: The Movie • A resource for the Church • A message for the world
Pastor Emilio Ramos, RedGraceMedia
length: 29 minutes

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