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There is a source of hope and help for you and me, a book unlike any other in all the world. It is the most quoted, the most published, most translated book in human history.

Known as the Bible, this book was written by more than 40 people from various walks of life, living over a period of 1500 years. Yet, as if the authors were guided by an unseen hand, there emerges from its pages one story of eternal proportions, centered around one extraordinary character… One who will deliver the world from death.

This unique film provides a powerful, dramatic summary of this truly amazing story… a story many have called the greatest story ever told.

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Discover answers to your questions…

Chapter 1 - In the Beginning

Chapter 2 - The Choice

Chapter 3 - The Deadly Disease

Chapter 4 - Man’s Sin Nature Demonstrated

Chapter 5 - Blessed to Be a Blessing

Chapter 6 - People of the Promise

Chapter 7 - Called to Walk In the Ways of God

Chapter 8 - The Promised One

Chapter 9 - The Ministry of Jesus Christ

Chapter 10 - God’s Love and Justice Intersect

Chapter 11 - He Has Risen

Chapter 12 - Followers - Yesterday, Today & Forever

Chapter 13 - A Personal Invitation