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How can we know there's a God?

If God made everything, who made God?



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Is it fair for God to only save some people and not all?
Is God biased? Is it fair to save only some?
If it is true that many people on this planet will end up spiritually lost? How can we realistically consider God fair? What about those who have never heard the gospel?
Translations available: Dutch, Portuguese

HELL - How can a God of LOVE send anybody to Hell?
Translations available: Dutch

Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions?
We provide many more answers about salvation and the Gospel! Proceed to our SALVATION and the GOSPEL SECTION Is Jesus Christ the only way to Heaven? What do you have to do get to Heaven? How can I be sure of your salvation? Forgiveness? Answers to these and many more…

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BIBLE ACCURACY - How do we know the Bible is true? Answer
The popular delusion that the Bible is full of mistakes is often agreed upon by Christians as well as non-Christians. Learn some of the facts and reasons why this is not the case.
Translations available: Bulgarian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

BIBLE ACCURACY - When we say that the Bible is the Word of God, does that imply that it is completely accurate, or does it contain insignificant inaccuracies in details of history and science? Answer
Translations available: Dutch, English, Hungarian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish

INFALLIBILITY - How can the Bible be infallible if it is written by fallible humans? Answer

James Bond and the BibleINTERNAL HARMONY - A skeptic questions whether the Bible's internal harmony is evidence of its Divine inspiration - He suggests that the existence of the James Bond film series disproves that argument. See our response

Bible “Contradictions” & Puzzles

CAIN - Where did Adam's son get his wife? Answer
If all human beings are descendents of Adam and Eve, then whom did Cain marry?
Translations available: Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Spanish

CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE? If the Bible is the Word of God, how can you explain the contradictions of the Bible? Answer

DINOSAURS IN THE BIBLE - Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? Answer
Translations available: English, Spanish

GOD'S EXISTENCE - If I can't see God, how can I know he really exists? Answer

GOD'S ORIGIN - Who created God? If he made everything, who made him? Answer

Man with magnifying glass. Photo copyrighted.
Is the mustard seed "the smallest of seeds"? (If not, is the Bible wrong?)

When did the Luke 2 census occur? Answer
How can the Bible be correct when claiming that a census decreed by Rome's Caesar Augustus occurred at the time of Jesus' birth?
Translations available: Portuguese

David's brothers - click to read
How many sons did Jesse (father of King David) have? (solving a supposed Bible contradiction) GARDEN OF EDEN - If this was a real place, why hasn't anyone found it? Answer
Many Christians naively assume that the Garden of Eden was located near the modern Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Is this true?
Translations available: Dutch, English, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish

NOAH'S FLOOD - Doesn't the story of Noah's flood contradict scientific knowledge and common sense? Answers menu
Read answers about the source of the animals, size of the ark, depth and source of the water, and much more.

CREATION STORY - Are there contradictions between the 1st and 2nd chapters of Genesis? What about other problems in Genesis? Answer

EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE - Haven't scientific discoveries disproven Genesis and other parts of the Bible? Answers menu
We have lots of information on this subject, including fossils, ape-men, age of the earth, evolution of species, astronomy, and more.

DINOSAURS - Doesn't their discovery disprove the Genesis account of origins and the Bible's timescale? Answers menu

JONAH AND THE “WHALE” - How could Jonah survive three days and three nights in the belly of a whale? Answer
Skeptics point to the story of Jonah and the Whale as clearly an impossibility and discredit the Bible based partially on this incident. Is it possible that Jonah really could have survived in the belly of a great fish for three days?
Translations available: Dutch, English, French, Indonesian, Spanish

BIGAMY - If bigamy is sinful, why did King Solomon have so many wives? Answer
King Solomon, credited by many as the wisest man in the Bible, was not so wise about some of his actions. Was polygamy okayed by God for his case, or was he going against God's laws?
Translations available: Hungarian

SUFFERING - Why does God allow innocent people to suffer? Answer
Translations available: Dutch, French, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Tongan

BELLY BUTTONS - Did Adam have a navel? Answer
We've often been asked this question about navels. Here's the answer.
Translations available: Indonesian

ANGELS AND WOMEN - Did angels have sexual intercourse with human women in Genesis 6? Answer
Or were the “sons of man” (nephilim) aliens, as some have suggested?
Translations available: Indonesian

SWEATING BLOOD - Did Jesus really perspire drops of blood? Answer
Translations available: Bulgarian, Hungarian, Indonesian

MIRACLES - “Miracles are not possible,” some claim. Is this true? Answer
Skeptics in today's technologically advanced world scoff at the idea of miracles. Are they real?
Translations available: Bulgarian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

CHRIST'S MIRACLES - Has science disproved the miracles associated with Jesus Christ? Answer
The creation of the universe, water into wine, the blind and lame healed, walking on the water… Has science disproved these supernatural occurances?
Translations available: Indonesian, Swedish

CHRIST'S RESURRECTION - "The Bible's accounts of Christ's resurrection are full of contradictions," some claim. Is this true? Answer
Translations available: Bahasa Indonesia, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

What is "the unpardonable sin?" How does sin become "unforgivable?" Answer
Translations available: Dutch

Jesus Christ - Learn more about Him

Is Jesus Christ God? Answer
For seekers, for those who know Him, and for the skeptical. Was the life of Jesus Christ a cruel hoax, or the greatest event in history?
Translations available: Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Is Jesus Christ's character consistent with His high claims? Answer
Jesus makes some staggering claims about who he is. Did his character back up who he said he was?
Translations available: Indonesian, Italian, Spanish

Does the New Testament provide a reliable history of Christ's life? Answer
A look at the archaeological evidence, internal marks of historical integrity, and accuracy of translation of the text of the New Testament.
Translations available: Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese

Isn't the virgin birth of Jesus Christ mythological and scientifically impossible? Answer
Translations available: Spanish

Could Christ have sinned? Answer
Translations available: Bulgarian, Indonesian, Spanish

Why does God allow innocent people to suffer? Answer
The “problem of pain” is an issue nearly as old as humanity itself. Millions worldwide cannot understand why a loving God would allow suffering in this world. This insightful answer may provide some understanding.
Translations available: Dutch, French, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Tongan

Learn about JesusLearn much more about Jesus on our Jesus home page (ChristianAnswers.Net/jesus) Go
Translations available: Dutch, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish

Stories of the Bible & misc.

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God's Story: From Creation to Eternity - A new multimedia journey through the Bible, a summary of the most important stories, in chronological order. Hear and read God's story!

Click to learn about ADAM, the first man
ADAM - What was Adam, the first man, really like?
Learn the amazing facts! This new answer is in our children's section, but it's written on a level that adults will enjoy.
Translations available: Indonesian

NOAH'S ARK AND THE FLOOD—Questions and Answers Answers
Does the Bible claim that the Flood of Noah covered the entire Earth? Did Noah need oxygen above the mountains? Could Noah's Ark really hold all the animals preserved in the flood? Just how big was Noah's Ark? How did various animals get from the Ark to isolated places, such as Australia? Where did the water come from? What connection is there between Genesis and the ancient Near Eastern stories of Creation and the Flood? Where are all the human fossils? How could all the human races come from Noah, his three sons and their wives? …and more.

Rope and the high priest. Click to read this article.
Did the high priest really enter the Holy of Holies with a ROPE tied around his ankle? Discover the evidence about this popular, but erroneous story.
Translations available: Indonesian
Why teach the Bible chronologically? What resources do you recommend? Answer

Questions for the Not-Yet-a-Believer to consider…Answer
Translations available: Russian

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